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Strategic Plan

Current status

By many measures, UW-Eau Claire has received well-deserved regional and national attention for the quality, value and opportunity provided to students. The 1999 report of the North Central Association review team noted that UW-Eau Claire offers students a distinctive undergraduate experience, which includes broad opportunities for faculty-student collaboration, international experiences, service-learning and internships. The team praised the university's academic program review process and the broad-based community support among alumni and friends. They recognized technology support, research support and other teaching/learning support as models for regional public universities and pointed out that the campus facilities are attractive and well-maintained. The team also acknowledged the university's extensive programs and services that enhance student life, contribute to success and support economically disadvantaged students. They noted that shared governance is exemplary and that private financial support for the university has grown and provides a strong base for the planning of a comprehensive fund-raising campaign. Finally, the team pointed out that the university enjoys broad-based community support, which provides a strong base for community learning opportunities for students.

The strategic planning process is designed to build on past and current accomplishments in order to maintain and advance the university. This process is intended to provide the university with critical planning issues important to the UW System Biennial Budget process. Under the Strategic Plan, Update for 2001-03, significant progress has been made in implementing these goals.

UW-Eau Claire is a critical player in the Chippewa Valley in meeting work-force needs, enhancing the quality of life and providing leadership for service agencies and governmental institutions. The university strives to become increasingly interactive with its students, the region and the state. The medical and business communities, K-12 school districts and prestigious graduate schools welcome alumni each year. At the same time, technology employers are turning to UW-Eau Claire for new employees and for educational opportunities for their current workers.

Mindful of a market that is increasingly competitive for top students and faculty, UW-Eau Claire will use this Strategic Plan and planning process to enhance its current level of excellence and to become a preeminent interactive regional public university in the years ahead.