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Hidden Job Market

What is the Hidden Job Market?

It is estimated that 80% of jobs are filled by companies who never advertise the position and are filled by referral, or the "who do you know" method of recruitment. So while keeping an eye on job posting sites and newspaper ads is important, the percentages are in your favor if you utilize the hidden job market.

The best way to find the hidden job market is by:

  • Identifying types of employers you are interested in
  • Find specific potential employers
  • Finding contacts within the target employer

Before you can identify potential employers, it is important that you have an idea of the kind of industry you want to work for, the skills sets you want to use and/or where you want to live. If you're not sure, you can meet with a career counselor.

Identify the companies and organizations that you are interested in. There may be companies you are familiar with and many more that you have never heard of. Many positions are located in smaller businesses, so be sure to extend your search past the Fortune 500 list of companies.

Find specific potential employers by

  • Tapping into your network of professional and personal contacts to identify potential employers and conduct some information interviews.
  • Searching job search sites to find positions that use your skill sets. What types of employers are hiring those positions?
  • Looking in the Yellow and White Pages seems old-fashioned, but is still the fastest way to find a listing of employers in a specific city or area. Or try
  • Search the Chambers of Commerce for the city or region in which you are interested.