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Transferable Skills are developed in and out of the classroom at UW-Eau Claire.

Throughout the undergraduate experience, the Core Learning Goals are expanded and linked to key life-long transferable skills that are valued in all occupations.

Transferable Skills Developed at UW-Eau Claire

Communication Skills
Reading  -  Writing  -  Listening  -  Speaking  -  Presentation

Information Management
Quantitative Reasoning  -  Analysis/Synthesis  -  Research  -   Technology  -  Critical Thinking

Human Relations
Teamwork with Diverse Groups  -  Interpersonal Skills  -  Leadership  -  Cultural Awareness/ Global Knowledge  -  Respect and Tolerance

Work Ethic & Habits  -  Dependability  -  Enthusiasm & Positive Attitude  -  Self-Motivation  - Adaptability  & Flexibility

Project Management & Organization
Decision-making  -  Creativity  -  Problem Solving  -  Planning