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Lactation Support 

Members of CSW support the significant expansion of lactation spaces at UW-Eau Claire as well as implementing guidelines that ensure the university is in compliance with current federal law and best practices to support nursing mothers. The UWEC Lactation Support Policy was passed by University Senate April 28, 2015 and is available below.

Current campus lactation spaces are shown on this map:

Lactation Areas Map

8. Lactation support policy

Breastfeeding employees who choose to continue providing their milk for their infants after returning to work shall receive:

  1. A place to express milk on campus:
    UW-Eau Claire will provide employees and students with dedicated nursing and lactation space. If an appropriate personal office space is available, employees can use this space. The space does not need to be permanent or on the immediate premises, but it must be a private space and:
         -not a bathroom
         -not a locker room
         -shielded from view
         -free from intrusion by co-workers and/or the public
         -within a 10-minute walk from the nursing mother's assigned working area, preferably without having to go outdoors,
         -available in each of the main campus buildings on lower and upper campus, an
         -available at approximately the times when the nursing mother is likely to need the space.
  2. Break times:
    Paid break times are allowed for nursing and lactation responsibilities needed by the mother. When possible, breaks should be scheduled during normal break and meal times and/or when workflow allows. Employees and supervisors shall coordinate lactation breaks to satisfy the needs of both the employee and the department/unit. If additional planning assistance is needed, employees may contact human resources.

This policy is in accordance with Section 4904 of the Affordable Care Act, codified at 29 U.S.C. §207(r).

Faculty and Academic Staff Rules &Procedures (July 2017 edition p. 128)