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 Educational Transition Services 

For all students who qualify for special education services through an IEP, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires public schools to develop transition service plans for students, beginning at age 14, who need to prepare for community living after leaving high school. Transition services are a set of coordinated activities that assist students with disabilities move from school into self-determined post-graduation activities. These activities are post-secondary education, vocational training, integrated employment (including supported employment), continuing and adult education, adult services, independent living, and community participation.

Students with mild disabilities may only need limited services in one or two areas while students with severe disabilities may need extensive services in all areas. The IEP team will determine the actual services each student will receive. These services can include an array of educational and vocational options both on campus and in the community. Available vocational options range from work-related high school classes to entry-level work in the community with assistance through a transition program.

(Excerpt from the PUSD Department of Special Education website.)

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