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 Bookshelf Recommendations 

Check out these publishers and specific titles for our reading recommendations. In most cases, books, videos, and other resources can be ordered directly from the publisher and distributor websites.

AAPC Autism Asperger Publishing  Company.

Asperger's and Girls
by Dr. Temple Grandin, Dr. Tony Attwood, Catherine Faherty, Sheila Wagner, Mary Wrobel, Teresa Bolick and many more!

“Asperger’s Millions Undiagnosed” features Dr. Tony Attwood, Carol Gray, Jerry Newport and Jeanette McAfee, M.D. This 30 minute presentation educates on the complexities that cause so many people with Asperger’s to go undiagnosed. You saw it on TV, now it can be yours! ($8 shipping/handling fee applies)

Yale Developmental Disabilities Clinic Publications

Future Horizon’s Publications

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Publications

The National Autistic Society Publications

Tony Attwood Publications