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Scholarships for Current International Students:

Scholarship information for Current International Students can be found at: Gold for Blugolds

Extra Time Allowance on Exams


International students who have completed the 300-level of our ESL program, exchange students (non-degree), and students whose TOEFL (or approved equivalent) score is between 541-600 (paper) or 75-100 (internet-based test) are eligible for and will generally be granted extended test time for their first two semesters at UWEC. In most cases, this accommodation is sufficient. A student may request extended test time for additional semesters or classes. These requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please contact Julie Adler

Additional Time on Exams Request form

Foreign Language/Culture Requirement Waiver


Students at UW-EC must complete a requirement for foreign language/culture learning (FL/C).   Check your degree audit if you are unsure if you have completed this requirement or not.  International Students get a waiver for the FL/C requirement when they have finished the university writing requirement (WRIT 114 or 116, 118 or 120) with a C+ or better, but they must have their academic advisor start the e-form waiver process. 

Please make an appointment with your academic advisor after the end of the semester you are finishing your WRIT class, and  have them start the e-form for you.  Refer them to this notice and/or to Linda Carlson ( if they have questions.

Accident and Sickness Insurance

All international students are required to purchase accident and sickness, medical evacuation, and repatriation insurance each semester throughout their studies. Insurance is a requirement of the University of Wisconsin System and some student visas. Students are charged for insurance through their student bill and are automatically enrolled by the Center for International Education (CIE).

Students are required to purchase insurance for all dependents who may accompany them to the United States on dependent visa.

Dates of Enrollment

Fall Semester: August 5 - January 4                   

Spring Semester: January 5 - August 4

For plan summary, claims information, contact information, and ID card visit Consolidate Health Plans.


Tax Information

International students at UW-Eau Claire have access to a tax assistance provider, GLACIER Tax Prep, through the University of Wisconsin System.  Additional information can be found on the following link:

Students are responsible for determining if and how they need to file U.S. income taxes.  Remember, UW-Eau Claire and the Center for International Education cannot provide tax advice or assistance with tax form completion.  For private, possibly fee-based assistance, you may find options in the phone book yellow pages under "Tax Preparation" or doing a Google search.  

Inviting Family or Friends to Visit

Family members (other than your spouse and children) wishing to visit the U.S. must apply for a tourist visa at the US embassy or consulate in their home countries. There is no documentation available from the CIE for tourist visa applications.

Ensure that your family members have the following evidence, which will be helpful during the visa application process:

·         Invitation letter from you: Write a letter of invitation that includes the following: your name and your reason for living in the US, the names of your family members who wish to visit, the purpose and approximate length of the visit, and whether you will provide room and board or any other financial assistance for the visit.

·         Your evidence of funding: If you provide room and board or any other specific expenses of the trip (such as airfare), you should supply evidence of your funding such as a bank statement or employment letter. There is no minimum dollar amount that you must reflect;but you should indicate an amount that is reasonable for the level of support you are providing.

·         Evidence of your status in the US: provide your family members with a copy of your I-20 (do NOT send the original) and other documents verifying your status in the US. (It is not necessary to get a new I-20 when inviting family members).

·         Evidence of intent to return home: Your family members must prove that they will return home after visiting the US. Documents showing employment, property ownership, close family relations in home country, or enrollment in school (in the home country) are considered good evidence of intent to return home.

·         Family Members' Evidence of Funding: If your family members intend to cover their own expenses, they should provide a bank statement, employment verification or other evidence of funding.
The US State Department/Bureau of Consular Affairs has a website ( with additional information about applying for a tourist visa. In addition, many individual consulates will have more specific information about inviting family members on their websites. You can find links to US Consulates around the world on the above site or at