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New international students enjoying lunch on the campus mall

Each semester, new international students must go through a week-long orientation hosted and facilitated by the Center for International Education. Peer Guides are the new international students' guides through an intensive orientation which includes, but is not limited to: how to register for classes; living with American roommates; using and understanding the universities meal plan; navigating the campus; opening a bank account, and much more!

Peer Guides are volunteers made up of a diverse group of both international and domestic students and include a wide variety of backgrounds, majors, career goals, and cultural experiences. Some Peer Guides are assigned a group of new international students (8-10). Other Peer Guides work with the larger group of international students. The role of a Peer Guide is to help incoming international students successfully navigate UWEC's orientation activities and to answer questions. Peer Guides also perform fun skits for new international students on important cultural, social, academic, and economic issues. Peer Guides will also be able to fulfill all 30 hours of their service learning requirement and receive a monetary stipend upon completion of the international orientation week.

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 Check out the Peer Guide position description and to apply by following this link!

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For more information, please contact the Peer Guide Coordinator, at or by calling 1-715-836-4411.

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