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Current International Students

Immigration Advising

The Center for International Education International Student Advisors work with students to help them maintain their F and J visa status. Maintaining immigration status is the student's responsibility. Please find information about various processes related to your immigration record below:

Update Personal Information 

Reduced Course Load (RCL)

Program Extension

Transfer Out

Leave of Absence

On-Campus Employment

  • Social Security Form
  • On-Campus Employment Authorization

Off-Campus Employment

  • OPT Employment Authorization
  • CPT Employment Authorization
  • Academic Training Authorization
  • Severe Economic Hardship

OPT Reporting

In order to meet the federal reporting requirements for OPT you must:

  1. Report your new addresses, phone number, or email address within 5 days of any move or change to
  2. Report any change to your employment at must include employer information, Employer EIN number, hours per week, address, etc.
- the name and address of your employer within 5 days of beginning the position

- the name and address of any additional employer within 5 days of beginning position

- any breaks in employment or discontinuation of employment within 5 days of ending the position

3) Unemployment of more than 90 days will cause your OPT to automatically end by the SEVIS system

-the way they know you are employed is through your reporting of #2 (above)

4) Provide a 6 month update on your employment status and personal information.You can do this at: