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Wang, Fenghua

Fenghua Wang



  • Director of Auditing Department, Shanghai Lixin Accounting and Finance University

  • Research interests:

    • Corporate finance

    • Information disclosure

  • "I am looking forward to learning more about curriculum setting and methods of teaching at business school."

Yu Changyong 

Changyong Yu



  • Associate Professor, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.

  • Research interests:

    • Aging problems

  • "I love playing Badminton, table tennis and basketball. "


Dong Ruizhi

Ruizhi Dong



  • Lectureship, software engineering department, Changshu Institute of Technology.

  • Experience:

    • PH.D degree, Fudan University

    • Post-doctor program, Southeast University and Cynovo Inc.

    • Vice President and Testing director, Cynovo Inc.

  • Research interests:

    • Requirements engineering

    • Software testing

Wang, Yingzi

Yingzi Wang



  • Associate Professor, Changshu Institute of Technology.

  • Research interests:

    • Financial risk

  • "I love playing Badminton, table tennis and mountain climbing. I hope to meet more friends and know American culture in Eau Claire."


Li Xuefeng

Xuefeng Li



  • Associate Professor, Central University of Finance and Economics

  • Research interests:

    • Electronic Commerce

  • "I love winter ad white snow. I like listen to music in my leisure time. In Eau Claire, I hope myself to learn more about American culture."



Zhipeng Cao



  • Lecturer, Changshu Institute of Technology

  • Graduated from California State University of Los Angeles

  • Research interests:
    • Financial Management



Zhengjiang Qian



  • Associate Professor; Deputy Dean, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Changshu Institute of Technology of China. 

  • Ph.D. in Computer Software and Theory, Nanjing University of

  • Current research interests:

    • operating system security,
      formal verification and embedded systems.

Piao Huaying

Huaying Piao



  • Project supervisor, the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Yanbian University.

 Cai Wei

Wei Cai (Lily)



  • Deputy Director, International Cooperation and Exchanges Office; Coordinator, Experimental Class, Changshu Institute of Technology