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         ~ Dual Degree and Short Term Programs ~

  • The Chinese 1+2+1 program, created in 2007 through the Center for International Education, continues to increase and impact UW-Eau Claire in many ways. Students who participate in the program are able to earn dual degrees from their home university as well as UW-Eau Claire, and  faculty are able to come to the U.S. to either teach or conduct research. The first and fourth years, (1’s), are spent in a Chinese university. The second and third years, (2), are spent in a United States university.

  • The 1+2+1 program provides a bridge of opportunity between American and Chinese universities, and improves cultural understanding between our two countries. 

  • The China 1+2+1 program is a great way for students to improve their English skills, build their resumes and learn more about American culture. 

                                                              Why Study at UW-Eau Claire?

  • There are many reasons why students choose UW-Eau Claire over the other U.S. partner schools. UW-Eau Claire has a strong reputation, which makes the university appealing to Chinese students and employers alike. The City of Eau Claire is also one of the safest communities in the United States, allowing Chinese parents to feel more comfortable sending their son or daughter to Eau Claire rather than a larger city on the east or west coast. Many students prefer the safety of a smaller community, but they also enjoy having access to bigger cities like Minneapolis. Some students even choose Eau Claire because of the snow during the winter season!

                                ~ Popular Majors ~ 

                          ACCOUNTING                                                        BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION     

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                           ECONOMICS                                                                          FINANCE

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                                                           INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS  

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