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Annotated List of Websites
Referenced and Not

Ecology Center: Environment, Community, Justice With Lesson Plan ideas for grades k-12


Any teacher in any grade and in most disciplines will be able to find lesson plan ideas at this incredible website. A couple of the lessons in this unit utilized material from this resource and there are countless other possibilities for whole lessons or to help teachers find direction on lessons on environmental protection.

The Environmental Justice Information -  link to the question- What is

 Environmental Justice? Editor Julie Rajzer. University of Michigan

Definition of and in depth discussion of environmental justice, the history of the movement, and links to other EJ resources. This is great material for lesson 5.

Environmental Protection Agency -  link to a page where one can locate

Environmentally hazardous sites by typing in zip codes

This is an extremely useful site, especially if a teacher wants students to look up local superfund sites or local companies and agricultural sites that the EPA keeps tabs on.

Flambeau Reclaimed: Promises Made, Promises Kept

This website show what a positive, concerted effort from all parties involved can do to make sure that there is not lasting environmental damage when a mine is built and to ensure that the human footprint is as small as possible. The before and after rolling image of the mine is really pretty remarkable.

Food and Water Watch includes an interactive Factory Farm map of the U.S. and Wisconsin 

This map is interactive and allows one to scroll from county to county in Wisconsin and see how many and what type of factory farms there are in the state. It is very valuable in lessons 2 and 3 when we look at environmental issues in our backyard. Warning-It is cumbersome to load up. It takes time and it may not work very well in old, slower labs and computers.

Grist: Environmental News and Commentary with a great 2005 article by Martin Kaplan about the conflict between the civil rights and environmentalist movement

This article is useful as background reading for lessons 4 and 5 where the unit deals with conflict and cooperation between movements with different missions.

Northern Thunder

Northern Thunder was instrumental in the anti-Tyrone Power Plant protests during the 1970s. The organization is still active today. This website gives some history of environmentalism in western Wisconsin and also addresses modern issues and links to other local resources.

POV Borders Environment - link to the Teacher Lesson Plan page

Excellent PBS POV series and accompanying website dedicated to environmental issues. As usual, this site has a great educator’s page with links to many valuable resources and challenging lesson ideas.

Shapiro, Alan. Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility.

New York, New York.

Alan Shapiro organizes a very current and up-to-date website of topical activities for classrooms K-12. Most of the readings on the website are secondary but include primary quotes and some include more lengthy excerpts from current news. A teacher can use the activities as they are produced or may adapt them to fit his/her purposes. That is what is done in this unit. This teacher has found Shapiro’s work to be invaluable in creating “Fish Bowl” lessons.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection with links to Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and Runoff (factory farm issues)
These government websites are great for tracking factory farm issues as well as environmentally hazardous locations throughout the state. These sites will really help as classes search for local issues to tackle.