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Unit 2: Full List of Resources for Lessons

Lesson #1 - My Days in the Civilian Conservation Corps

Lesson #2 - African-Americans and the CCC

Teacher Resources and Websites:

The New Deal Network

African Americans in the CCC

This lesson is a modified version of the lesson linked here

The following documents will be used in the class activity.

  1. Civilian Conservation Corps Photographs of African American Enrollees

  2. CCC Youth Refuses to Fan Flies Off Officer; Is Fired

  3. A Negro in the CCC

  4. Harold Ickes to Robert Fechner, 20 September 1935

  5. Robert Fechner to Thomas L. Griffith, 21 September 1935

  6. FDR to Robert Fechner, 27 September 1935

  7. Robert Fechner to Robert J. Buckley, 4 June 1936

  8. CCC and Colored Youth

  9. History Kit Inventory

Lesson #3 - The Environmental Crisis of the Great Depression

Teacher Resources and Websites:

Surviving the Dust Bowl (General Information Resource)

Voices from the Dust Bowl (General Information Resource)

Dust Bowl Photographs (General Information Resource)

  1. Wisconsin’s Soil Conservation Service (SCS) Camps

  2. Map of SCS – CCC Camps

  3. Accomplishments of the SCS – CCC 1934-1941

  4. Wisconsin’s Example

  5. YouTube Clips: (General Information Resources)

  6. Hugh Hammond Bennett Quotes

  7. The Upper Midwest "Driftless Zone" (Also known as "Driftless Area" or "Un-glaciated Area") (Map)

  8. History Kit Inventory

Lesson #4 - American Culture during the Depression

Teacher Resources and Websites:

  1. The Voice of 1610, Camp Connors Lake, Phillips Wisconsin

    The Rusketeer, Camp Rusk, Glen Flora, Wisconsin

    The Nu-Wud-Nus, Camp New Wood, Merrill, Wisconsin

  2. CCC Newspapers Outside Wisconsin

    Camp Tallahalla News, Newton, Mississippi

    Woodland Whispers, Camp 138 Morris, Pennsylvania

    High Lights, Headquarters Company, Fort Brady Michigan

    Toledo Sector News, Bowling Green, Ohio

    The Grapevine, Company 1770, Pacific, Missouri

  3. Additional CCC Cultural Websites:

    Hysterical History of the CCC, 1934 CCC Cartoons

    Songs of Company 252

    Book of Menu Suggestions and Recipes for the CCC

  4. Document analysis worksheet

  5. History Kit Inventory

Lesson #5 - The CCC and New Deal Recovery and Reform

Teacher Resources and Websites:

  1. The CCC and The National Park Service, 1933-1942: An Administrative History

  2. Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy

  3. Civilian Conservation Corps Facts

  4. Civilian Conservation Corps History

  5. Civilian Conservation Corps Modern Service

  6. Uncle Sam and Civilian Conservation Crops

  7. History Kit Inventory