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Request a Midterm Student Evaluation

March 1 - 16, 2018

ClassroomRequest for a CETL representative to visit your class to confidentially assess the course using students' feedback for the first or last 20 minutes of your class. You get to choose! You leave and we interview your students. Students form small groups and respond collaboratively to the following questions:
  • What aspects of this class are helping you learn?
  • What aspects of this class are not helping you learn?
  • The last section will ask students to rate how often they feel comfortable participating in class on a scale of never - always and what would make them feel more comfortable.
CETL collects the responses and then facilitates a class discussion in which the students identify the most important issues they want the professor to address. CETL summarizes the data, schedules a time to meet with the professor, and offers options if change is desired. This is formative data; all the information is passed on to the professor and no information is reported to anyone else (we don't even keep a copy).

Students love the idea that professors are willing to listen to their input and are open to change. They also like it when professors explain why certain procedures are used and why methods will not change.

Click here to request a midterm student evaluation

For the most choice in days request your midterm student evaluation as soon as possible. (We can take requests right up to the end, if we are available).

Contact CETL, 836-2385, if you have any questions.