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Engaging Students

The pressure is on.  The buzz words are flying.  The challenge for educators is to deliver quality material to enlighten students.  Students need a way to connect to the information and the educator presenting it; the educator needs to connect with students where they are.  This two-way street of engaging students is called active learning – actively teaching students in a way that stimulates their ability to learn.

The information on this site presents several successful teaching strategies and ideas used by veteran educators to engage students.  The information presented here is merely the tip of the iceberg and put forth as suggestions to start.

Suggested strategies and resources to engage students:


Watch UW-Eau Claire instructors explain how they engage their students:

Angie Sterling-Orth - Communication Sciences and Disorders shows us how to engage a large class of students.

Jan Larson - Communication & Journalism shows and discusses the impact of in class group work on student learning.

Joe Hupy - Geography and Anthropology engages geography students with practical hand-on activities and lecture and finds a positive response by students.

Manda Riehl - Mathematics explains how using engagement is a learning process.

Rita Sperstad - Nursing shows her enthusiasm for using engagement to encourage critical thinking.

Erik Hendrickson - Physics tells us how he engages his student in his labs and lectures.

Tali Lee - Biology explains how engaging students in Biology means they get to chose what they're learning about.

April Bleske-Rechek - Psychology explains how student engagement makes students want to come to class.

BJ Hollars - English describes how he uses engagement activities to build trust in the classroom.

Don Gaber - Information Systems shows and discusses how he engages students in a large lecture hall.

Jerry Hoepner - Communication Sciences and Disorders explains his thought that the engaged student is the one really learning.

Leah Olson-McBride - Social Work shows her techniques for engaging students with pop culture.

Matt Evans - Physics and Astronomy shows and discusses how he uses i>clickers for a review session and the advantages the students have when they talk with each other about the questions.

Ned Gannon - Art & Design describes how his students enjoy not knowing what kind of engagement activities they will do next.