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Dr. Christine Harrington

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Preparing Students For Success

January 7 - January 9, 2015

As educators we want all students to be successful.  On January 7,8, and 9, 2015, Dr. Christine Harrington led participants in the exploration of key ways to develop student success in the classroom.  Based on years of research, practice, and application, Dr. Harrington discussed many ways on how to aid student success by incorporating an effective syllabus, first day of class, lecturing, group work, and a research infused classroom materials.  Please use these materials below to help guide the implementation of Dr. Harrington's materials into your classroom.

Check out Dr. Harrington's website to learn more about her and the things she is doing.

Session 1: Setting the Stage for Success with your Syllabus
     Success with the Syllabus PowerPoint
     Syllabus Checklist (PDF)
     Syllabus Rubric (MS Word)
     Learning Outcome Matrix (MS Word)
     Sample Psychology Syllabus (PDF)
     Sample Online Psychology Syllabus (PDF)

Session 2: Setting the Stage for Success with the First Day of Class

     Success on the First Day PowerPoint

     First Day Activities (MS Word)

Session 3: Dynamic Lecturing

     Dynamic Lecturing PowerPoint

Session 4: Powerful Group Activities that Work

     Powerful Group Activities PowerPoint
     Inter-teaching Article (PDF)