November 2010

Connie Russell Honored With Excellence Award

By: Ellen Zamarripa

Russell Pics 002Connie Russell was honored with the Excellence in Performance Award for Academic Staff on Aug. 24, during the university's academic year opening ceremony.   
Russell has been the Associate Registrar since 2002 and her job description includes supervising and coordinating the university's registration process, and maintaining student data files. Russell said her colleagues serve as her constant inspiration to improve in the workplace, and she is proud to be a part of a community of people dedicated to aiding students and faculty alike.  
Adapting to whatever comes with the new generation of students every year is something that Russell says has been a challenge, but with the help and support of her colleagues, she says she has managed to keep up fairly well.  
"By and large almost everybody I work with has good work ethic," Russell said. "They really strive to make this a good place to go to school, there's a lot of pride in UWEC, and that rubs off on everybody who works here."  
Russell said she plans to retire this year and, although the UW-Eau Claire campus had evolved over the course of her 35 years of service, the creativity and vibrancy of the academic community still remains.  
"There are always study abroad programs, we are a school that has a national exchange program… we have faculty who are pretty adept at getting grants and offering those educational opportunities to teachers who are continuing education," Russell said. "It's never been dull."
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