November 2010

JoAnne Juett Recognizes Need for Technology Initiatives

By: Ellen Zamarripa

Dr. JoAnne Juett, professor of English, first became interested in becoming a feJoAnne Juettllow at CETL as she began to realize that UWEC lacked a comprehensive effort to bring together and expand various technology initiatives across campus.
"We need to connect people and provide resources in terms of educational technology," Juett said. "Students and changing faculty perspectives are dictating that we offer more flexibility in our curriculum."
Juett, who is serving her second semester as the CETL Instructional Technology Fellow, is currently leading an ongoing collaborative project focused on creating a strategic plan to fulfill the Gold Arrow project of developing an educational technology master plan. Juett and the team of educators involved in the project (the Steering Committee), intend the creation of this strategic plan to lead to a campus-wide educational technology initiative to implement technology into curriculum in a manner that is agreeable to students, and challenges, but does not overwhelm faculty. 
In a world dictated by technology, students and faculty can benefit immensely by the integration of technology in the classroom. Yet without a strategic plan as to how to go about this implementation, the situation becomes chaotic or is simply ignored. In terms of the purpose and importance of her educational technology initiative project, Juett stressed the issue of professional development in relation to alternatives to face-to-face instruction.
"We don't have campus-wide professional development in terms of technology use or standards forJuett Fellow Pics 002 online and hybrid courses," Juett said.
The advisory team is working to include the implementation and development of professional development into the strategic plan in regards to alternatives and additions to teaching in the classroom.
Over the course of the 2010 spring semester, Juett and the advisory team developed the CETL Instructional Technology Advisory Team Report which addresses the need for communication and shared resources on campus. The Report includes a look at possible additions and upgrades to D2L, and recommendations in terms of hybrid and online courses.
Recognizing her work as a CETL Fellow, Academic Affairs appointed Juett to be the Academic Affairs Educational Technology Fellow, which is a two year position.  Juett said her time as a CETL Fellow has been an exciting learning experience and that she enjoys connecting people across campus.
"Beyond the excitement of the student exchange," Juett said. "I cannot think of anything else that I can do that's more exciting."
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