February 2011

CETL Announcements

Midterm Student Evaluation process
To participate, email, call, or stop in OL 1142 and tell us which day you would like this service.
Evaluation services will be provided February 28th through March 11th.
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has a Group Online Subscription to The Teaching Professor
As a member of our campus community you have this valuable professional development resource available at no cost to you. Sign up today and help energize your higher education career.
Updated iClicker Information
Includes instructions for using the iClicker program with a PC, and how to upload your roster.
Click here for more information.
The Recognize a Colleague Program
The goal of the CETL Recognize a Colleague program is to celebrate academic staff that impact student learning in creative and innovative ways.
Tools for Teaching Workshop
UW-Eau Claire educators share how they use Web 2.0 tools and other emerging technologies to enhance teaching and learning in their courses.
Click here for more information.
The Hollywood Curriculum: Teacher Education Goes to the Movies
All educators are invited to a one-day workshop on the subject of the integration of films into teacher education curriculum. This event is sponsored by a UW-System OPID grant and there is no registration fee.
When: April 7, 2011
Where: UW-Stout
For more information, you may contact kleins@uwstout.edu or haltinneru@uwstout.edu
Widening the Circle Indigenous Education Symposium
All educators are invited to the 8th Annual Widening the Circle/Act 31 Teacher Education Symposium.
When:  April 7-10th 2011
Where: La Crosse, WI.
The symposium seeks to provide a solid resource base for educators to learn about Native and Hmong cultures, contemporary and historical issues, Indigenous educational practices, identify bias, privilege and stereotypes and authenticate resources to infuse a more meaningful and inclusive curriculum within a context of critical multicultural pedagogy to address problems in education and current issues.
 If you have any questions regarding the conference or distribution please contact:
Matthew Stewart
Widening the Circle
The OPID 2011 President's Summit on Excellence in Teaching and Learning
The following educators are presenters from UW-Eau Claire:
Julie Adler UW-Eau Claire 
 Ruth Cronje UW-Eau Claire 
 Beth Ernst UW-Eau Claire 
 Brad Foss UW-Eau Claire 
 Marc Goulet UW-Eau Claire 
 Kirby Harless UW-Eau Claire 
 Mary Huffcutt UW-Eau Claire 
 Bonnie Isaacson UW-Eau Claire 
 Paula Kleintjes Neff UW-Eau Claire 
 Elsa Kraus UW-Eau Claire 
 Jasmine Krotzman UW-Eau Claire 
 Lissa Martinez UW-Eau Claire 
 Tim Moore UW-Eau Claire 
 Donald Mowry UW-Eau Claire 
 Garry Running UW-Eau Claire 
 Sherrie Serros UW-Eau Claire 
 Jodi Thesing-Ritter UW-Eau Claire 
 Traci Thomas-Card UW-Eau Claire 
 Susan Truell UW-Eau Claire 
 Sarah Tweedale UW-Eau Claire 
 Mary Wolf UW-Eau Claire 
 Kelly Wonder UW-Eau Claire
Introducing a New Series titled Sharing Ideas, Sharing Discussions
 McIntyre Library staff invite you to join your colleagues for this forum loosely based on the Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Conference & Web site in order to foster campus dialogue through viewing and discussing short, informative videos.
A short video will be shown followed by a discussion about the topics below. Click on the link below for more information or to familiarize yourself with the video and discussion questions.
Noon – 1 p.m.
CETL, OL 1142
Tuesday, Feb. 1:   Open Data & the Benefits of Open Access
Should we make data & research more open? Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the World Wide Web) & researchers from universities around the world share what they think about this important topic.
Tuesday, March 1:  When Games Invade Real Life
 Games are invading the real world--and the runaway popularity of Farmville & Guitar Hero is just the beginning, says Jesse Schell. Learn about a future where1-ups and experience points break "out of the box" & into every part of our daily lives.
Tuesday, April 5:  The Beauty of Data Visualization
David McCandless turns complex data sets (like worldwide military spending, Facebook status updates) into beautiful, simple diagrams that tease out unseen patterns and connections. Learn how it may change the way we see the world.
Tuesday, May 3:  Discovering Ancient Climates in Oceans & Ice
Rob Dunbar hunts for data on our climate from 12,000 years ago, finding clues inside ancient sea beds, corals, and ice sheets. Learn what it means for our current climate and ocean acidification challenge.
 FY07 Course Purge
UW System D2L administrators will again remove obsolete D2L course content and student contributions from its servers. In this deletion cycle, D2L courses offered from the Fall, 2006 through Summer, 2007 terms are identified as candidates for removal.
Desire2Learn courses for the following semesters will be removed completely and permanently as of March 1, 2011. D2L courses offered during the Fall, 2007 term and later are not part of this year's cleanup effort. Please review your D2L courses for the terms listed below for any course information that you wish to retain:
Fall, 2006
Winterim, 2007
Spring, 2007
Summer, 2007
Before March 1, 2011:
If you determine you want to save components of any D2L courses you taught during the above terms, please do so before the March 1, 2011 deadline. You may refer to the procedures on the D2l Course Cleanup site, specifically the How-To section for detailed instructions.
For assistance, contact:
Roxie Muldoon, D2L Administrator
Excellence Motto