December 2010

CETL Announcements

- Call for book groups for spring semester. Contact CETL if you have a book idea.
- Call for Communities of Practice
A COP is a groups of five or more educators who meet and discuss pertinent literature on a teaching and learning topic. Each participant plans, implements, and assesses the change in their course based on what is learned through the COP. Past project ideas include: enhancing discussions, engaging students in the classroom, getting students to read, and enhancing writing assignments.
- Are you thinking about redesigning one of your courses? Winterim Institute for course design/redesign is scheduled for Jan. 10-13. This is one of the most popular programs at CETL. Contact CETL if interested.
- The deadline for the Call for Proposalsfor the 2011 UW System President’s Summit on Excellence in Teaching and Learning has been extended to Dec. 6, 2010. Click the following link for more information:<>
- UW Green Bay will host the 15th Annual Faculty Development Conference: Collaborative Learning on Jan. 20, 2011. To register, click the following link: 
D2L News

1. Upcoming D2L Workshops

Intro to D2L:  
·Friday, January 21, 2011
10:30am - noon
OL 1100  
·Thursday, January 27, 2011
2:00pm - 3:30pm
OL 1100  
Intro to D2L Gradebook:  
·Friday, January 28, 2011
1:00pm - 2:30 pm
OL 1100.
To register for the D2L workshops above, click the following link: 
NOTE: You may have to Login to register
2. Combining Course Sections

Now is a great time to request that your course sections be combined for Winterim or for the Spring session so they're ready when you need them. Note that UWEC undergraduate courses with corresponding graduate sections are now created as separate D2L courses due to the implementation of PeopleSoft.

To request sections be combined, please complete the D2L Course Request Form. Combined D2L courses will be available within five (5) business days of request receipt.

3. D2L Online Help Documentation

Check out the D2L Faculty and Student Help documentation! Both are now fully updated to version 9.0. The faculty documentation is now enhanced with several video tutorials as well.

D2L Tech Tip

Importing Grades from Excel

Do you prefer to enter your student grades in an Excel spreadsheet rather than in D2L? Did you know you may then import those grades into your D2L course Gradebook?
To do this successfully, keep these recommendations in mind:
1. Create your grade items in D2L rather than in Excel
2. Use unique names for your D2L category and grade item names; duplicate names cause errors on import
3. Export your D2L Gradebook to create the document to be updated and re-imported; this ensures the column headings are correctly named for each grade item before the import:                           
          -To save processing time, export only the selected grade items you intend to update with grades in Excel and then import those grade items after updates are made
          -Only Numeric, Text, Pass/Fail, and Selectbox grade items can be imported; deselect all other grade item types when exporting
          -Deselect the Calculated Final Grade since this item cannot be imported later
4. During the export process, open the .csv file (when prompted to open or save), then rename the file, save it and close the spreadsheet document. The file name should contain no spaces and no special characters other than the hyphen and underscore. Choose "CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) from the "Save as type:" list.

TIP: It is also a good idea to export your entire D2L Gradebook several times throughout each semester as a backup for your D2L grades.

For additional help, please view the exporting and importing grades documentation or contact Roxie Muldoon ( or 715-836-2700).

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