Kristy Lauver Recognized by Colleagues
By: Ellen Zamarripa

Kristy LauverAssociate Professor in the department of Management and Marketing, Kristy Lauver is honored and recognized by her colleagues for her dedication to improving course material and her enthusiasm for helping students succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

Lauver is in her eighth year of teaching upper level and MBA Business Management classes at UW-Eau Claire, and during that time she has made a significant effort to renovate and improve existing courses. About four years ago, Lauver collaborated with her colleague, Dr. Hostager, to revamp the final core business course, Strategic Management, to include the Glo-bus simulation. As a result, students now have the opportunity to utilize strategic management theories and concepts within the confines of a fictitious camera company that students operate inside an industry of eight competing companies.

"It's very hands-on," Lauver said. "I think the key part of this course is that the students get to apply all of the concepts they have learned in the class."

Lauver's Small Business Consulting class is also hands-on in that students work directly with local businesses to create a business plan in its entirety for the participating organizations. Students have the chance to apply all of the concepts they have learned throughout the College of Business in this class as they work through all aspects of a business plan including industry and competitor analyses, marketing, operations, management and financial analyses, and making recommendations for the organizations. Lauver said the plans students have completed in this class have had a positive impact on businesses in the community.

"These are business that do not have the time or cannot afford to hire someone to do their own business plans," Lauver said. "I have had businesses come back saying 'I have made so much extra,' and 'I have saved so much!'"

In addition to her dedication to students inside the classroom, Lauver is also the advisor for the College of Business honors society, Beta Gamma Sigma. The organization is made up of Juniors and Seniors in the top grade percentage of their class who participate in a variety of social activities and service projects throughout the school year. Lauver said the group is currently growing its membership.

 "So often students are not rewarded for their academics, as they should be," Lauver said. "What I want to get across to students is if you have great academics, take advantage, be rewarded."

Dr. Robert Sutton, Associate Dean of the College of Business said he admires Lauver's commitment to her advising position for Beta Gamma Sigma.

"All along the way, Kristy is overseeing what the students are doing and guiding them," Sutton said. "She puts a lot of time and effort into that and I know students appreciate it."

Lauver said she hopes her students are challenged in her classes, but that they have fun at the same time, because that is why she is a teacher.

"I'm here because I enjoy teaching," Lauver said. "Working with the students—that's what keeps this fun. It's always fun to see where they go."

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