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CETL Fellow Projects

CETL Fellows are UW-Eau Claire educators who initiated and led a group teaching and learning project addressing a significant educational issue.

Carmen Manning : Effective Discussion Techniques manning
Appointment: July 2010-June 2011

Beginning in the fall semester of 2010, a group of nine educators led by Dr. Carmen Manning, CETL Fellow and Associate Professor of English, gathered weekly over two semesters to learn about and implement new techniques of discussion in the classroom, lab, or studio. During the fall semester, the group explored literature on commonly held theories and understandings about effective discussion and best practices. During the spring 2011 semester, participants developed course discussion activities and tried new techniques in their classes. 

Stephen Hill: Small Group Teaching Stephen Hill
Appointment:  January 2011-December 2011

Can Small Group Teaching (SGT) have an impact on the development of students' critical thinking skills?

This group is working together to find an answer to that question by studying literature on and critical thinking and developing means to implement and assess them both. During the spring 2012 semester the Community reviewed the literature on SGT and critical thinking, developed a working definition of critical thinking and chose a rubric to assess it. The Community will use this rubric in their research study to assess the impact of SGT on critical thinking in their classrooms.

JoAnne C. Juett: Instructional Technology Advisory Team Report JoAnne Juett
Appointment: January-December 2010

Throughout the first half of 2010, six educators led by JoAnne Juett, investigated instructional technology and best practices surrounding its use at UW-Eau Claire. The team published an instructional technology report with recommendations for each of the following: course management systems, online courses, hybrid courses, financial support, best practices, professional development and international education.

Mickey Kolis : Designing "Learning" Lessons for the University Classroom Kolis_Mickey_2010
Appointment: January-December 2010

Educators met starting in the 2010 spring semester to research, design, and ultimately implement a teaching pedagogy curriculum for UW-Eau Claire educators assessed by student learning and student evaluation of instruction.  Designing "Learning" Lessons for the University Classroom reports how the 5E's learning cycle model can be incorporated into lesson plans to better engage students and promote learning.


Kate Mastruserio Reynolds : Teaching Evaluation Initiative Kate_Mastruserio_Reynolds
Appointment: July 2009-June 2010

During the 2009-2010 academic year, 16 UW-Eau Claire educators researched current teaching evaluation literature. Their findings seek to improve the understanding of effective instruction and the processes university educators undertake to analyze and evaluate instructional practices. Their conclusions will allow educators and administrators to make more informed renewal, promotion and tenure decisions.

Jan LarsonJan Larson : Reading to Learn
Appointment: January-December 2009

Reading to Learnis an ongoing interdisciplinary research effort designed to understand university students' reading practices and classroom discussions within the context of reading communities. The goal is to contribute to best practices for engaging students in reading course texts and in meaningful class discussion that promotes critical thinking and enhances learning.

April Bleske-RechekApril Bleske-Rechek: Student Evaluations of Instruction
Appointment: July 2008-June 2009

Student Evaluations of Instruction (SEI's) was researched and written by 14 UW-Eau Claire educators along with April Bleske-Rechek. The group concluded that SEI's can provide valuable indicators of teaching effectiveness as one component of a larger comprehensive system of faculty evaluation.