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Dr. Angie Stombaugh

Dr. Angie Stombaugh

Old Library 1142

CETL has been an influential part of my career and has fueled my passion for engaging in teaching and scholarship in higher education. I am excited to serve as the Director of CETL.

I earned my bachelors and master’s degrees in nursing from UW-Eau Claire and my Ph.D. is in adult education from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. My scholarship has focused on teaching and learning in higher education. I have worked on an interdisciplinary team of faculty to provide a university-wide professional development program related to student engagement. I have worked in partnership with library faculty and nursing faculty in creating a curricular teaching strategy change related to information literacy. This partnership has utilized a lesson study approach to evaluate our teaching and has provided insightful data related to faculty and student perspectives on information literacy.

Through CETL, I have been an active participant, presenter, collegial consultant, and group leader of several of their programs. I have provided programming on test-item analysis, test plans, use of I-clickers, and technology in the classroom. I hope to bring the distinct perspective of being from a professional school that focuses on accreditation and program outcome learning and the adult education perspective of the liberal arts education that focuses on best practices to engage students and foster more holistic student learning.