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Instructional Choices

In Step 1 of the Intentional Teaching Practices model you identified the physical environment you will teach in, the psychological environment you want to create, and the instructional tools you will use. The curriculum has been decided and you are the content expert; now you have many more decisions to make about what your role will be in setting up the learning opportunities for your students. Ask yourself the following questions as you work through Step 2 of this model.

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Questions to consider:

  • Which instructional practices fit best with your content and your teaching style?
  • What are all the ways will you use to communicate with your students?
  • Which class management topics can help you think through the logistics of your course?
  • Would the use of groups in your class enhance student learning?
  • How do you want your students to demonstrate their skill and knowledge in a high stakes assessment?
  • When and how will you give feedback and which grading topic will help improve your efficiency?

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    Instructional Choices

Next Steps:

Step 3: Student Learning Activities and Practice

Step 4: Instructor Peer Assessments
Step 1: Teaching Environment and Instructional Tools
Step 2: Instructional Choices
Intentional Teaching Practices model