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Engaging Students Resources

The pressure is on. The buzz words are flying. The challenge for educators is to deliver quality material to enlighten students. Students need a way to connect to the information and the educator presenting it; the educator needs to connect with students where they are. This two-way street of engaging students is called active learning – actively teaching students in a way that stimulates their ability to learn.

The information on this site presents several successful teaching strategies and ideas used by veteran educators to engage students. The information presented here is merely the tip of the iceberg and put forth as suggestions to start.

Watch UW-Eau Claire Instructors Explain How They Engage Their Students in Their Department:

April Bleske-Rechek - "Daily Assessment and Discussion: Positive Student Feedback" - Psychology - (8:01)

Matt Evans - "Student Engagement with Clickers: Bringing Materials to Life" - Physics and Astronomy - (3:13)

Don Gaber - "Team Based Learning in 'Learning Halls'" - Information Systems - (3:05)

Ned Gannon - Art and Design - (8:10)

Erik Hendrickson - Physics and Astronomy - (8:43)

BJ Hollars - "Moving Beyonbd the Routine" - English - (8:29)

Jerry Hoepner - "Whoever is Doing the Talking is Doing the Learning: Mini-Lectures, Small Group Activities, and Real-Life Cases" - Communication Sciences and Disorders - (9:03)

Joe Hupy - "Embracing Experimentation int he Classroom with Skype Sessions" - Geography and Anthropology - (4:45)

Jan Larson - "Naking Connections Through Student Examples" - Communication and Journalism - (3:33)

Leah Olson-McBride - Social Work - (7:21)

Rita Sperstad - Nursing - (9:03)

Angie Sterling-Orth - Communication Sciences and Disorders - (9:33)