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How much do you drink?

The Standard Drink

The concept of a "standard drink" can help you calculate how much pure alcohol you are consuming. Different types of beer, wine and liquor contain varying amounts of alcohol (ethanol).Some have an ethanol content that only measure 3% of the total beverage while others contain as much as 90% ethanol.

A standard drink contains approximately ½ an ounce of ethanol.
10 to 12 ounces of beer
8 to 12 ounces of wine cooler
4 to 5 ounces of table wine
1.25 ounces of 80 proof spirits, or
1.0 ounce of 100 proof spirits

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Blood Alcohol Content

Your BAC (blood alcohol content) is the percentage of your blood volume that is alcohol. As people drink more alcohol, their BAC increases and the effects of alcohol become progressively more unpleasant and dangerous. If you choose to drink, engaging in low risk drinking, or staying in the "green zone" in the table below, will help you avoid the negative consequences of drinking.

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 BAC tables and online calculators can help you to estimate your blood alcohol concentration. Click here to use a BAC calculator.Check out these BAC calculator apps for iPhone and iPad users and these apps for Android users.

Hours to Zero BAC

Although you can raise your BAC quickly by slamming drinks, you will probably be surprised to learn how much time it takes for your body to eliminate alcohol from the bloodstream. BAC goes down at a slow and predictable rate. This is because your liver can only metabolize a predictable blood alcohol concentration per hour. The normal body will metabolize between .015 percent and .020 percent BAC per hour (less than one drink per hour). Only time will sober you up.