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Housing and Student Rights

College life will provoke choices you may have never had to make before. One of those choices will be whether or not to drink alcohol. Although you may have already faced this decision in high school, many people will reconsider their decision in college.

Be aware that the majority of students on the UWEC campus are either non-drinkers or low risk drinkers. If you choose not to drink, there are plenty of other ways to socialize and make friends.

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If you do choose to drink, make sure you know the local alcohol policies where you live so you can weigh costs and benefits in an informed manner.

Housing and Residence Life at UWEC has its own set of polices and regulations, which can be found in the J-Code. Familiarize yourself with these so you are aware of your rights as a student.

If you are living off campus, it may seem as though your freedom is limitless. Check out the Fines & Ordinances tab to refresh your memory on those limits.