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Parents of Freshman-Staying Involved

The first six weeks of a freshman year pose the highest risk period of a student’s career. Many freshman initiate heavy drinking during this time mostly because they have the mistaken perception that the college experience is primarily about alcohol use. They also have more free time and independence than ever before.

Early excessive alcohol consumption has the possibility to interfere with successful adaptation to campus life. One-third of first-year students do not enroll their second year. Excessive alcohol use may also have deadly consequences. Click here to read the story about Sam Spady.

Pay special attention to your son or daughter’s experiences, listen attentively and offer support whenever you talk to them. Engage your son or daughter in conversations on what kind of college experience they want and what some strategies are to get there. Students say that they have heard the alcohol message. By helping them be successful in all areas of their life you can indirectly affect their alcohol use.