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BASICS: Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students

What is BASICS?

BASICS is a two-session alcohol assessment and education program for UW-Eau Claire students.

Some students are assigned to attend BASICS to fulfill a requirement as a result of an alcohol-related offense, while others participate because they would like to learn strategies to reduce negative consequences they experience due to drinking.

BASICS helps students examine their own drinking patterns in a judgment-free environment. During BASICS sessions, students identify individualized goals to reduce the harmful outcomes of drinking.

What can I expect from BASICS?

BASICS consists of two sessions, two to four weeks apart, which last between 60-90 minutes each. All sessions are one-on-one between the student and a trained BASICS facilitator. Students who are required to complete BASICS due to a University violation will receive a deadline for completing both sessions.

Session 1 assesses the student's alcohol consumption patterns, history and related issues. A drinking diary assignment will be explained.

Session 2 provides personalized feedback based on assessments and focuses on ways the student might reduce future health, social, and legal risks.

How can I register for BASICS?

Registration for BASICS is completed through the Health Promotion office in Schofield 26. 

How much does it cost to take BASICS?

For those assigned to BASICS as a sanction, the total cost for the 2 sessions is $75 for a first time violation of University alcohol policy, and $100 for a second violation. Payment is made at the time of the first session. Students who self-refer to BASICS will not be charged a fee.

Who should I contact if I have questions about BASICS?

For more information about BASICS contact the Health Promotion Office by calling 715.836.5112 or by stopping by our office in 26 Schofield Hall.