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Crisis Line 836-HELP:

The Crisis Line can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a resource for victims, as well as friends, family members, hall directors or any other concerned person. The Crisis Line is geared toward support, information sharing and options. Crisis Line volunteers can answer questions or provide support and advocacy to anyone who may call.


If the person chooses, a CASA Peer Advocate can accompany them to the hospital to get an exam, or to give a police report. The advocate can accompany the survivor to court proceedings. The advocate makes sure the client's rights are not being violated and speaks up on their behalf if they are being violated. The advocate is present to help the victim understand the medical exam and interview with the police in greater detail.


The staff and volunteers are here to listen, to help individuals discover what they are feeling, identify and process their options, motivate the discovery of their own strengths, empower survivors to find they can help themselves and that they have choices. We are here to provide support for their healing process. CASA does not provide therapy rather CASA provides support services

Support Group

The group focuses on developing relationships between group members in a manner that encourages sharing among participants. Members are encouraged to share, risk, grieve, grow, learn, laugh, and heal through issue-oriented discussions and activities. If you are interested in attending, please contact CASA at 836-HELP or e-mail and a staff member will gladly help you.