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Center for Adaptive Microsystems

The Center for Adaptive Microsystems is an umbrella organization linking industry and academic institutions. This collaboration will streamline research and development of reconfigurable and adaptive microsystems, and help companies effectively bring ideas to market as commercial products. Commercial uses for adaptive microsystems —systems which receive input from the surrounding environment and then adjust function to those changes — are a burgeoning market. CAM provides the advantage of a collaborative partnership between researchers at academic institutions and industry.
CAM  provides quick access to experts in the field, cutting-edge instrumentation and testing facilities. By coordinating the efforts of each member, CAM leverages resources and reduces duplication of services and equipment. The collaborative efforts of CAM members assure that problems can be resolved efficiently at each stage of research and development, fabrication and production.

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For more information on Center for Adaptive Microsystems, contact Doug Dunham, Director,, Phillips Science Hall, UW-Eau Claire, 105 Garfield Ave., Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004, 715-836-5312, FAX: 715-836-3955