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The Purchasing Office issues approximately 6,000 purchase orders with a value of about $8 million annually. The Purchasing Office assists in securing the lowest possible prices through the use of various bidding auctions. We also handle the disposal of excess or surplus campus property, which is a continuous ongoing process.

UWEC Standard Computer/Printer Purchases

Use the new Computer/Printer Purchasing Requisition eForm

UWEC Peripheral Purchases

To purchase a computer peripheral, use your Procurement Card (P Card). If you do not have a P Card, use the P Card Application link to apply. Computer peripherals include items such as:
  • Disk drives
  • Electronic equipment connected by cable to the computer CPU
  • Flash drives
  • Cables
  • Memory cards

Additional information regarding the purchase of computers, printers or computer peripherals is available on the Computer/Printer Purchasing Guidelines page.

Purchasing Agent, 715-836-5171



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