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Procurement Card Policy

Beginning in FY2008-2009, expanded guidelines were provided regarding procurement card usage.  Use of the procurement card for many services will no longer be allowed.  The University is required to report certain types of transactions to State and Federal Government agencies.  That requirement cannot be accommodated when using the procurement card because tax identification information is not available from procurement card transactions.

Purchase of services and supplies that had been allowed in the past is no longer allowed unless provided by an approved vendor.  Examples of services and supplies include the following:

  • Food (catering, refreshments or food for business meetings/conferences, etc.)
  • Advertising of any type (standing purchase order to be used)
  • Telecommunications  (cable/modem, cell phone, etc.)
  • Auto Maintenance/Repairs (car wash, auto body work, etc.)
  • Rentals (films, cars,  facilities, equipment, etc)
  • Repairs of any item (appliances, musical instruments, coolers, shredders, etc.) (standing order to be used)
  • Gifts, Awards or Prizes (this includes but is not limited to gift certificates, flowers, cards, trophies, plaques, sweatshirts, books, t-shirts, caps, bicycles, etc.)

Only approved corporate vendors can be used for services with the credit card.

A standing purchase order is set up each year to be used for advertising services and maintenance/repair services.

Continuing items on the not allowable list are as follows:

  • Academic Support Services
  • Air conditioners
  • Alarm or Security
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • *Ammunition or Weapons
  • Cash Advances
  • Consulting Services
  • Entertainment
  • Insurance
  • Leases
  • Legal Services
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Personal Items
  • Printing / Photocopy Services (business cards, signage, etc.)
  • Radioactive Material
  • Travel Expenses

*Ammunition - Allowable when purchased by appropriate department (i.e., Police and Security) and purchased on the mandatory Statewide contract for Ammunition or if required to purchase specific ammunition not included in the contract.

Purchasing event tickets is allowable if the following information is attached to the log:  Names of attendees, name of the performance and what the tickets are for.  For a freshman experience class, a copy of the syllabus for the course must also be attached.  If the tickets are being given as a prize, the purchase order process must be used instead of the procurement card because of possible tax reporting implications.

When using your procurement card for resale items that require a UWEC logo imprint, you must use a vendor who is licensed to create, produce or manufacture the UW-Eau Claire logo.  Artwork using the UWEC logo must also be pre-approved by Candy Wilson, Associate Director of University Centers.  If you are uncertain whether a vendor is licensed, contact Candy Wilson in University Centers or the Purchasing office.

The purchase of appliances or any type of furniture for employee break rooms is not allowable unless you have prior written approval from Martin Hanifin, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance.

In some departments there are unique program needs where unusual services or supplies may need to be procured.  Prior authorization must be obtained before these purchases or services can be acquired.  Contact Purchasing or Accounts Payable for prior authorization of these services or supplies.  Temporary "special arrangements" need to be pre-authorized also, depending on funding or any other special departmental circumstances.  Contact Purchasing or Accounts Payable for these pre-authorizations.

Once you have received your VISA statement, you must process and submit your log summary with all receipts attached.  This needs to take place within one week after receiving the statement.  The log summary must match the VISA statement and there must be a receipt or invoice for each transaction on the statement.  Packing slips are acceptable ONLY if the items purchased are listed separately with a unit price, number of items, price per unit, shipping, handling fees listed and a total.  A packing slip is not acceptable when any one of these items is not listed.  Any justifications, written pre-authorizations or detailed explanations must also be attached to the log.  It is the responsibility of the cardholder to obtain all needed paperwork before submitting the log summary to the Purchasing Office. The log must be signed by the cardholder and by their supervisor.

Non-adherence to any of the above procedures will result in the revocation of cardholder privileges.  If there is a "questionable" transaction on the VISA statement, you will receive an email requesting a more detailed explanation for the charge.  If transactions on the card have been inadvertently charged or can be justified, a note will be made on the log summary.  If the card has been used in a manner that the cardholder has previously been notified as being incorrect, the card will be cancelled and the cardholder will not be eligible for a new card for at least one year.

This policy is intended to clarify the requirements for maintaining complete records of University spending using the VISA procurement card.  Maintenance of the specified documentation will ensure that the University meets UW System auditing requirements and will be able to respond to any questions concerning procurement card use.