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Food Policy

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's (UWEC) dining service contractor - Sodexo - has exclusive rights to provide all types of food services on campus totaling over $250.00. No food or beverages totaling over $250.00 may be provided by campus organizations or off-campus vendors unless authorization is granted through the Event Services office, at least 10 working days in advance. See for detailed information.

The preferred method of payment for food services under $250.00 when not using Sodexo:

Direct Pay E-Form (vendor invoices the University)
Corporate or personal credit card ( Reimbursement Claim E-Form)

The same dollar limits are used for off-campus vendors. The same supporting documentation is required for off campus vendors.
A detailed receipt showing payment (just the total amount paid will not be accepted)
Food Service Requisition E-Form with all questions answered (see instructions)
Names of those attending (for pizza or meals)

The Headquarter City and UW-Sponsored Events Policy provides the policy and guidelines for UW-sponsored events. (See instructions at the end of this document regarding " Charges for non-UW facilities which require off-site approval for events attended primarily by UW Employees.")

NOTE: If you are paying for an event with funds other than those from state funding, such as Foundation funds, the following items do not apply.

Please keep in mind the in-state dollar limits:

  • $10.00 refreshment break per person
  • $12.00 breakfast per person
  • $18.00 lunch per person
  • $30.00 dinner per person

For out-of-state limits, see Headquarter City and UW-Sponsored Events Policy.

Items to note:

  • Alcohol and any alcohol related charges, such as a setup fee or minimum consumption fee are not reimbursable with University funds.
  • Pizza is considered a meal, not a refreshment. (NOTE: You will need to include a participant list and a meeting agenda.)
  • We are allowed to reimburse for breakfast meeting on campus @ $12.00 per person. However, then we are only allowed to reimburse up to $10.00 per person for a morning replenishing beverage only service.
  • Receptions: Reasonable food and beverage costs are allowed when a department is hosting a reception or program that is (a) open to the public or external constituencies, and (b) for purposes of promoting the mission of the University or department. Expenses are not allowable for receptions that are solely for social or entertainment purposes. ($10-$12 per participant daytime and $12-$18 per participant evening)
  • Interview Candidate: Meals can be provided for required participants during the interview process. This would include the candidate, members of the Search & Screen Committee, and up to 5 other people involved in the interview process. Any additional people would have to be pre-approved by the University Controller. Students can only be included if they are a member of the Search & Screen Committee.
  • University administered funds cannot be utilized for any social functions or activities such as employee appreciation, holiday parties, retirement parties, welcome or farewell parties, office parties, etc.
  • University administered funds cannot be used to reimburse meals that consist only of internal UWEC employees during the normal workday unless such meals meet the criteria of this policy or the employee is in travel status.
  • Prior approval from the University Controller is required for meeting room costs associated with a meeting held off campus. 

NOTE: The restrictions outlined in this section regarding food do not apply to UW-sponsored events attended primarily by the general public if participants pay a fee to cover such costs.

Food Service Waiver

In the event you wish to provide food from an outside source and the amount is over $250.00, the Blugold Dining Waiver Request form must be used to request an exemption from the UWEC contract with Sodexo. You may call Christian Wise at 715-836-2716 or email regarding food waiver questions. If the waiver is approved by Sodexo, it must be attached to the appropriate documentation each time you request reimbursement. Reimbursement requests will not be processed without an attached waiver.

Steps for ordering and completing paperwork for events that include food paid for by University funds:

  1. Contact Sodexo to order food items required for the event unless you have a food waiver from Sodexo.

    Count Variations: You must make any changes to the number of people attending your event 48 hours prior to the event. Failure to do so will result in you being billed according to the original contract information provided. Any adjustments for changes not made within that 48 hour window prior to the event are not guaranteed and will only be made with the approval of the Catering Director, Teri Knudtson. (Note: If you do not follow this step, you may be overcharged. Accounts Payable is only able to pay for those in attendance if a meal is served.)
    Working within a budget: If you are operating on a limited budget, contact the Catering Director, Terri Knudtson, at 715-836-2632. She will work with you to create a suitable compromise within your budget. If sufficient accommodations cannot be made, submit a food waiver request for approval.

  2. If you have a food waiver, go to Step 11.
  3. Once the event is completed, you will receive an email with the subject line "Food Service Requisition", along with a link to the e-form. Note: Sodexo's invoice and their supporting documentation will be attached.
  4. Review the invoice for accuracy. If there is a concern with the invoice, note the concern in the comment box and click on the "return to Sodexo" button.
  5. Complete the Food Requisition E-Form when the corrected invoice is received. This is a required form. The Invoice will not be processed until the appropriate questions on the form have been answered.

    Food Requisition E-Form Instructions
  6. The food service requisition must be approved by the authorized signatory of the account(s).
  7. The following information must accompany the completed Food Service Requisition when returned to Accounts Payable:
    • Agenda describing the business conducted for all meetings
    • Participant list (required for pizza, breakfast, lunch & dinner meetings only. If only refreshments are served, participant list is not required - example: open house, reception.)
    • Brochure if event is not a meeting.
  8. Submit the Food Service Requisition E-Form with attachments to Accounts Payable.
  9. You will receive an email from Accounts Payable with a message in red if there are questions/issues with what was submitted. Resubmit when resolved.
  10. You will receive an email indicating the invoice was approved and it will be processed.
  11. If you have a food waiver, send it to Accounts Payable along with the completed the Direct Pay E-Form with an attachment of the invoice, and items from Step 7 above after the event.

Steps for ordering food paid for by Foundation/Campus Accounts or Personal Funds: Give Sodexo your Foundation or campus account number or your personal payment information. Do not give them the University account number for billing purposes if the event is not related to University business. This process will alert Sodexo staff that there is no additional documentation required and these food invoices will be returned to the department for processing via the appropriate method. This will also speed up the payment process of University invoices.

Charges for non-UW facilities require off-site approval for events attended primarily by UW Employees Meetings, conferences and training sessions for participation primarily by UW employees (this includes employees from all UW institutions) are subject to the following:

"Meetings in non-UW facilities are not allowable if additional expenses are incurred by the UW which would not have been incurred if the meetings were held in a UW facility. The only exception is when an adequate UW facility is not available. Justification for not using a UW facility where additional expenses are incurred requires approval of the institution controller."

These types of charges require prior authorization from UWEC controller Jackie Kriesel. Send your written request to .

If you have any questions regarding these processes, contact the ASK Center,, 36-3131.