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Vehicle Rental Instruction Notice


With the recent changes in the vehicle rental contracts, it was decided to create vehicle rental instructions for anyone who plans to travel and will require a vehicle for university business.

Here are a few important highlights:

  • Travelers have the choice of renting a vehicle or using their own personal vehicle for university business.
  • If you choose to use a personal vehicle, your personal vehicle insurance is primary and the State of Wisconsin’s insurance is secondary.
  • Even though 12-passenger and 15-passenger vans are listed in our contracts, these vans are not to be rented under any circumstances for university business.
  • The reimbursement rate for the use of a personal vehicle is $0.510 per mile unless mandated as less by the department paying for the reimbursement.
  • Whether you are driving your personal vehicle or a rental vehicle for university business, Faculty/Staff must obtain driver authorization from University Police prior to the travel taking place.  This authorization needs to be obtained only once.  NOTE:  Students may be authorized for a maximum of one year and must submit a new request for authorization.  Contact University Police (36-2222) if you have any questions regarding this process.
  • The local Hertz located at the Chippewa Valley Regional airport has declined to participate in our current vehicle rental contract and is not considered a contract vendor.

If you have any questions regarding the rental of vehicles for university business, contact Sheri Kuberra at 36-5999.