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Vehicle Rental Instructions

  1. Obtain driver authorization from University Police to drive for UW business whether using a personal car or a rental vehicle. Contact Susan at 836-2222 or
  2. If you are an employee, graduate student, guest, or consultant over 21 years of age, you should use the Big Ten contract for vehicle rental.  Call or book online through the UW TravelWise Portal under Reservations>>Self Book Air, Car, Hotel, Air Online.  It can be used for either in-state or out-of-state trips.
  3. If you are an undergraduate student OR an individual under 21 years of age, you will need to continue to use the State of WI / WSCA contract.  Booking can be made by calling the contract vendor or by using the WSCA link through the UW TravelWise portal  There are links on the WSCA area for Enterprise and National.  Hertz is also available on this contract.
  4. The telephone numbers for the Contract Vendors are listed below:
    • Enterprise:715-835-2500(Local)1-800-261-7331(US)
    • Hertz:1-800-654-3131 (US)1-800-654-3001(International)  NOTE: The local Hertz located at the Chippewa Valley Regional airport is not participating in the contract listed above.
    • National:1-877-222-9058 (US)1-800-227-7368 (International)
  5. Rent a vehicle that is mid-size or smaller unless traveling in a group of 4 people or larger.  Optional items such as GPS, car seats, fuel service option, etc., are not reimbursable through state funding.  NOTE:  Minimum 24 hour notice for reservations, 48 hours or longer for specialty vehicles (e.g. mini-vans, etc.)
  6. You must pay for the rental vehicle using one of the two travel VISA cards as mandated by the Department of Administration. The procurement travel card has a fall scene with a red "travel only" sticker on it. The travel corporate card is blue and silver in color.  Application forms for both types of travel cards are located at  Contact Penny Odell at 836-5171 or for additional information regarding these cards.
  7. Obtain an itemized original receipt for the rental either by using the vendor's website or by receiving one from the vendor when returning the vehicle.  NOTE:  The rental agreement contract you sign when obtaining the vehicle is not an adequate receipt but should also be attached to your reimbursement.
  8. Save all original gas receipts for reimbursement.  Mileage reimbursement is NOT ALLOWED for rental vehicles.
  9. File for reimbursement of all rental charges and gasoline purchased using a travel corporate card on a Travel Expense Report (TER) form.  The form is available on the UW TravelWIsePortal under the tab marked "When You Return."  Attach the corresponding original receipt(s) to the report.  If a procurement travel card was used to pay the rental charges and gasoline, you will need to complete a procurement travel log and attach the original receipt(s) to the log.  The log is available at under the "Procurement Travel Credit Card" section entitled "Documents and Forms" OR you can e-file the Procurement Travel Credit Card Transaction Summary Log eform and attach scanned copies of the receipts to the log.  NOTE:  A copy of each receipt paid from the procurement travel credit card must be included with your Travel Expense Report (TER).
If a contract vendor is UNABLE to supply a vehicle and a personal vehicle is not an option for the traveler(s) to use, an optional vendor can be used.
  1. For a list of alternate vehicle rental options see
  2. Only purchase loss damage waiver (LDW) or collision damage waiver (CDW) insurance.  This is the ONLY insurance that is reimbursable through state funding.
  3. Follow steps 6-9 from above for processing your reimbursement or filing a procurement travel log for the expenses of the vehicle and gas purchases.
  4. Include a statement on your travel expense report indicating the contract vendor(s) was not available.

Travel regulations are located on the UW TravelWise portal under the tab "Before you go," University travel policy and then UWS Other Travel Policies F36.

Questions can be addressed to the Accounts Payable staff listed below:

     Becky Zillmer                    Sheri Kuberra
     836-5266                           836-5999