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Remote Data Access Approval Process

  1. Fill out the Justification and Authorization for Remote Data Access form.
  2. The department may limit the amount of reimbursement to the employee on a monthly basis (e.g. $40 per month or 80% of the employee's actual monthly cost).  Indicate these limits on the form.  If limits apply, you will need to utilize the reimbursement claim method below rather than the purchase order process.
  3. Obtain all required signatory approvals including your division Administrator.  At UW-Eau Claire, there are three division administrators: the Chancellor; the Provost; the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.
  4. Return the completed and signed form to Angie Underwood in Accounts Payable, Schofield 228A.
  5. Once the approved Justification and Authorization form is received in Accounts Payable, the employee will be added to the approved list and can proceed with the purchase.
  6. The employee may request reimbursement by filling out the Reimbursement Claim form along with the original monthly billing (monthly or quarterly reimbursement requests are preferred) OR by processing a yellow requisition and sending it over to Purchasing for a purchase order to be processed.
  7. Justification and Authorization for Remote Data Access forms are updated each fiscal year.  Accounts Payable will send out an email requesting that employees fill out a new form with appropriate signatories.  Reimbursement will not occur until the updated form has been received.