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Reimbursement Claim Form Instructions

Reimbursement Claim E-Form Instructions

The reimbursement claim form is to be used for personal reimbursement of incidental items purchased by an individual when another university method of payment is not practical. A university Visa procurement card, purchase order, or a direct billed invoice should be used whenever possible. Mandatory state purchasing contracts must be followed for office supplies, maintenance supplies, etc.

Generally services such as labor, advertising, and repairs should not be paid by an individual due to IRS tax implications. Another method of payment is required in non-emergency situations. See for additional purchasing/payment options.

The dollar amount claimed should not exceed $250.00 unless there is an emergency situation. In those rare cases, a written justification will be required. If purchasing food items, the university food policy must be followed in order to receive reimbursement. Requirements include:

1.Event brochure or meeting agenda
2.List of attendees
3.Blugold Dining Waiver if held on campus
4.State meal allowances $10.00 lunch/$20.00dinner apply which includes a maximum 15% tip. (NOTE: If in Travel status, the allowance for breakfast is $8.00)
5.Food Requisition Form

See  for detailed information on the purchase of food.

Prizes and gift cards are tax reportable income. Recipient's full name, address, social security number and signature as proof of receipt are required. See detailed instructions at  prior to purchasing these items. 

Please be sure to fill out the Reimbursement Claim E-Form  completely, accurately, and attach copies of detailed paid receipts. Auditing purposes require that you retain the original receipts for two years. Provide written justification if amount is greater than $250.00.

The reimbursement claim form requires the signature of the account responsible person. If the claimant is the same as the account responsible person, a supervisor's signature must be obtained. Please see the Reimbursement Claim E-Form instructions.

Please contact Sheri Kuberra (36-5999) in the Accounts Payable office with any questions regarding reimbursements.