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Group Travel Procedures

General Procedures for Planning and Procurement of Travel

The following guidelines are meant to assist you in the planning and procurement of meeting rooms, air transportation, lodging, food and beverages, and any other related requirements for Athletic Team Travel, Student Studies Travel and Group Travel (group can include non-students). This includes all in-state and out-of-state group travel when state funds or funds processed through state/university accounts are used, excluding student-funded athletic travel and student-funded recreational travel.

Determine the TOTAL COST OF TRIP (EXCLUDING AIRFARE). This must include all components of the trip (e.g., transportation, lodging, meals, side excursions, guides, any other misc. needs for trip).

Total Cost of Trip Under $5,000

If the TOTAL COST of the trip is under $5,000, normal purchasing procedures for best judgment are to be used.

Total Cost of Trip $5,000 - $25,000
Quotes are needed for travel when airfare is not included in the trip. This is a requirement for all Athletic, Student Studies and Group Travel planning. At least three quotes are to be obtained for ground transportation and lodging. Contract vendors must be used unless business and traveler needs cannot be met. Documentation and justification for using non-contract vendors must be sent to Purchasing prior to travel.

Items to include when requesting a quote. Same bid information must be submitted to all bidders at the same time. Total Cost of Trip $25,000 and over for any travel group

A Sealed Bid must be processed by the Purchasing Office. This process takes six weeks from bid release to award. Include the same information as items 1 through 7 in the above list for quotes. Forward this information to the Purchasing Office, which will process the Sealed Bid package. Contact the Purchasing Office for more information on the sealed bid process.

Group Travel Meal Receipt form

For questions regarding travel regulations, contact Jillian Anderson, Travel Manager - 715-836-5951

For questions regarding requesting quotes or the sealed bid process, contact Carley Kukuk, Purchasing - 715-836-5171 or