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Group/Foreign Travel Guidelines


  • Contact your department to see if a Travel Authorization is required. The Travel Authorization can be found under the E-Reimbursement information on the Accounts Payable website.
    • NOTE: Group Travel requires that you provide a list of all participants (e.g. faculty, students, coordinators, etc.)
  • Credit Cards - Employees shall use one of two state-issued credit cards to pay for:
    • airline tickets/ travel agency service fees
    • conference registration fees
    • Hotel/lodging room rates
    • rental vehicle and gasoline for rental vehicle only
    • parking, ground transportation ( NOTE: May use personal credit card/cash)
    • First Time Travelers should apply for one of the two types of travel credit cards available to pay expenses:

      Travel corporate card - Personal liability card
    • Procurement travel card - Institutional liability card

      See additional credit card information here.

      Total costs for foreign or group travel should be estimated in order to determine if your credit card limit will need to be increased for either your Corporate Travel or Purchasing Travel credit cards. Contact Carley Kukuk in Purchasing (36-5171) or Jackie Kriesel in Accounting (36-2520) to increase your credit limit if needed.

  • Receipts - All reimbursable expenses require itemized receipts (i.e., each item purchased should be listed on the receipt). NOTE: A credit card receipt with the total amount listed is not an adequate receipt.

    Foreign Travel - Internationally incurred expenses paid and receipted in foreign currency must be submitted for payment or reimbursement in U.S. dollars using the exchange rate in effect on the date of payment. Include documentation indicating what exchange rate was used to make the conversions. Currency exchange rates can be found at OANDA, the University's standard application for conversion and Google is recommended for translation. When converting, choose the appropriate interbank rate for the transaction. If purchases were made via credit card, use the exchange rate provided on the credit card statement.
  • Overseas Medical Insurance -
    • Students are required to obtain health insurance through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) for all travel out of the country. Contact Center for International Education (CIE) at (36-4411) for additional information. See for additional information.
    • Employees - Medical assistance is also available for UW employees traveling abroad under a program entitled Europ Assistance. Employees who travel abroad should contact their institution risk manager or travel personnel to obtain an identification card. See for additional information. (There is no cost to the employee when traveling on UW business.)

  • Personal Services / Honorariums - See policy located at .

    • Group Environment
    • Payments to individuals for various services within the US require the individual to submit a W-9 form prior to payment to be filled out by the individual.

      Preferred payment method for payment $500 or less requires the attached form to be filled out and submitted to the Accounts Payable office a minimum of 5 days prior to trip departure.

      In rare instances, cash may be paid to the individual rendering the service. NOTE: These payments should be less than $500. The following written documentation needs to be collected from the individual.

      • Name
      • Address
      • Social Security number (W-9 form listed above)
      • Amount paid
      • Description of Service
      • Individual's Signature and Date signed

    • Foreign

      Cash may be paid to the individual rendering the service. NOTE: These payments should be less than $500. The following written documentation needs to be collected from the individual being paid:
      • Name
      • Address
      • Amount paid
      • Description of Service
      • Individual's Signature and Date signed

  • Travel Advance (group environment only) NOTE: Only issued for items that cannot be paid for with a credit card (e.g. food, fees, miscellaneous expenses)
    • Fill out the travel authorization and cash advance request in e-Reimbursement at least 14 days prior to date of travel.


  • Foreign Travel - Must be booked through Fox World Travel
    • Book on-line with the Concur booking tool on the UW TravelWIse Portal
    • Book directly with a Fox World Travel agent 866-230-8787
  • Group Travel - Must be booked through Fox Premier - 920-236-8030
    • Group block - 10 or more travelers on the same flights outbound and return.
    • Group Air - 10 or more travelers on various itineraries.
  • NOTE: Travel/Trip insurance (typically purchased at the same time as the airfare) is not an allowable expense. See options for health insurance coverage in the "General" section of this document.

Lodging/Meal & Incidental Calculator

(The per diem is intended for individual travel. Group environments should follow the UW Sponsored Events meal rates.) Vehicle Rental

General rental instructions can be found at: .

There are two options when reserving vehicles depending on driver age and employment/student status. See the options below:

Option 1: Vehicle rentals on the TravelWIse portal for the Big Ten contract .

To book online:

  • Click on "Book Online" and login to the booking tool with your UWEC email address.
  • Select "Car", Choose pickup/drop off dates/times
  • Click on "Off Airport Location" and click on "Search"
  • Type in "Eau Claire, WI" and click on "Choose" when the Eau Claire location is displayed in the box.
  • Click on the Enterprise "Choose this car location".

Option 2: The WSCA contract . You will need to contact Enterprise,

Online - or by phone to reserve a vehicle. You must notify Enterprise personnel of the contract booking codes at the time you rent the vehicle. Booking codes and instructions on how to book can be found on the UW TravelWIse portal. Navigate to Discounts, Car Rentals, State of WI/WSCA Vehicle Options - Procedures for use.

Multiple Vehicle, Early Pick-up, or Personal Rentals - If you need to reserve multiple vehicles (i.e. group travel, etc.), or if you are booking a vehicle for personal reasons, please contact the ASK Center for more information (See contact information below.)

Additional vehicle rental information can be found at .

If you purchase gas, you must have the itemized receipt. Credit card statements are not an allowable receipt.

DO NOT PRE-PAY FOR GAS - Never accept the "refueling option" or "FSO" (Fuel Service Option).You must fill the vehicle with gas prior to returning it to the rental agency.

The size of vehicle rented depends on the number of people who will be traveling in the vehicle.

Vehicle size limits are:
1 - 3 people - Mid-size/Intermediate/Standard/Compact/Economy
4 people - Full Size
Greater than 4 people - Minivan

  • Booster seats and GPS devices are not allowable expenses.
  • Any additional vehicle insurance beyond CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)/LDW (Loss Damage Waiver)/ or PDW (Property Damage Waiver) is not a reimbursable expense and must be declined at the time the rental agreement is filled out. (i.e. SLI -Supplemental Liability Insurance). The above CDW/LDW/PDW is covered by our contract with the rental agency.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle rental agency charges are correct.

Other Modes of Transportation

  • Subway, buses, taxis, shuttles, motorcycles, scooters, horse rides, etc., require itemized receipts.

Important Foreign Travel Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your foreign or group travel, contact the ASK Center 36-3131 .