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Explanation of Tuition and Fees


Academic Tuition

Instructional tuition fee based on resident status for Wisconsin resident, non-resident, and international student.

Differential Tuition

Additional undergraduate instructional tuition fee approved for UW-Eau Claire by the UW System Board of Regents and the Student Senate. Pays for specific student programs. More information can be found at

Segregated Fee

Organized Activities such as Forum, Artist Series, Theater, Athletics, WUEC Radio, Forensics, Music, NOTA, International Activities, International Films, Children's Nature Academy, Student Health Service, Art Gallery, Spectator, Recreation (Intramurals), and Student Senate Commissions.

University Centers for support of facilities and programs.

Municipal Service/Transit for share of assessment by municipal government for provision of services to the University.

Textbook Rental fee charged to all undergraduate students for use of textbooks.


Course Fee

Charge for special services and materials for credit courses. Assessed under the provisions for the UW-System General Administrative Policy Paper #29 (GAPP #29).


Additional instructional tuition fee for students seeking a masters in Business Administration as approved for UW-Eau Claire by UW-System.