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1. What happened to English 110 and 112?Is the Blugold Seminar the same as ENGL 110?
English 110 and English 112 no longer exist as of fall 2013. If your degree audit says you need to take English 110 or 112, you will instead need to take one of the following courses: WRIT 114, 116, 118, or 120. Your UW System English placement test score (UWENGL), performance on an AP exam, or prior coursework in composition determine which course you must take to meet the University Writing Requirement.

2. Do I have to take the English Placement Test?
The English Placement Test, called the UWENGL, must be taken by all incoming first-year students. Typically, the UWENGL is taken during Orientation. Contact Academic Testing in the Advising office for more information on test dates, policies and procedures. Transfer students generally do not need to take the UWENGL.

3. Can I retake the placement test?
No, the UWENGL cannot be retaken. If you have a serious concern about your UWENGL score or your composition placement, contact your advisor or Dr. Cathy Rex, Interim Co-Coordinator of Composition.

4. How do I find out if a writing course will transfer to UW-Eau Claire?
UW-Eau Claire accepts a wide variety of composition courses from local and national colleges. Admissions and/or Advising make the first decision about transfer credit for composition courses. Questions or concerns about transfer credit for writing classes are addressed by Dr. Cathy Rex, Interim Co-Coordinator of Composition.

5. Where can I get help with my writing?
UW-Eau Claire offers all students one-on-one assistance with their writing in any of their courses at the Center for Writing Excellence. Do not hesitate to use this invaluable service! The writing assistants are trained undergraduate students who have a wealth of experience helping other writers. Please call for an appointment or more information: 715.836.2644.

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