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Success Stories

"When I decided to accept the Blugold Fellowship and come to UW-Eau Claire, little did I know that with that one decision, I would be able to travel the world, establish myself among some of the most prestigious people in my field and gain awesome experiences to prepare me for a promising future."
--Dawn Holte, music major, Blugold Fellowship recipient

krista Bowman Read about Krista Bowman, currently a medical student at UW-Madison, who co-authored 3 papers while at UWEC.
Kyle buchmann Read about management major Kyle Buchmann, Blugold Fellow, Club Baseball president, Distinguished Management Student award recipient, and cancer survivor.
damon Campbell Read about chemistry major Damon Campbell , Blugold Fellow, who is graduating fr om UWEC with a chemistry degree in three years and will be attending UW-Madison medical school.
beth Lutz Blugold Fellow Beth Lutz is an education major in Physics & Astronomy and History and has been doing a research project involving the US Dept. of Agriculture and local schools. She is also an All-American in cross country. (High rez pdf)
eric Weber Blugold Fellow Eric Weber is a mathematics major who was a featured graduate in the Fall of 2008.

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