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What are the goals of the Blugold Fellowship?

-To recruit and retain high achieving students to UW-Eau Claire
-To provide an early introduction to student / faculty research collaboration opportunities  arrow

What is the time commitment for the Blugold Fellowship?

Blugold Fellows work an average of 5 hours a week on their research projects for a total of 75 hours per semester. The project schedule is determined by the Blugold Fellow and their mentor.  arrow

What if I don't have research experience?

You are not expected to, and you will learn! Blugold Fellows participate in a seminar at the start of their freshman year. The seminar introduces the research process, expectations and the many research opportunities.  arrow

If I don't receive a Blugold Fellowship would I still have the opportunity to participate in collaborative research at UW-Eau Claire?

Yes. While the Blugold Fellowship offers a unique opportunity to 20 incoming freshmen, many UW-Eau Claire students participate in collaborative research during their college careers. In fact, UW-Eau Claire is rated among the top 2 percent nationally for participation in the annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research.  arrow

Would I receive academic credit as a Blugold Fellow?

No. However, students are given a $1,200 research stipend for their work. Furthermore, the valuable knowledge and experience Blugold Fellows gain through their research often translates to added success in the classroom.  arrow

Do I have to be admitted to UW-Eau Claire to receive consideration for this award?

Yes. Students must be admitted to UW-Eau Claire by mid-November to receive their scholarship application in time to meet the December 1 Blugold Fellowship application deadline.  arrow

Can I receive the scholarship and not participate in the Fellowship program?

No. The Blugold Fellowship is intended for 20 incoming freshmen who want to participate in a unique research opportunity early on in their college career. If you do not want to be considered for this award, indicate so on your scholarship application.  arrow

What happens if I study abroad during my first two years?

You will still keep your fellowship, but you will not receive the scholarship or work stipend during your study-abroad. You will be able to resume the fellowship for one semester starting your junior year. (In a few cases when the research can be done during a study abroad experience the fellowship could be continued with the approval of the research mentor and Blugold Fellowship director).  arrow

I don't know if I am ready for research. Can I apply for the fellowship for my sophomore year?

No. The Blugold Fellowship is only awarded to incoming freshmen, and it is renewable for the sophomore year.

For questions email BlugoldFellowship@uwec.eduarrow