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College Students

The UW-Eau Claire Blugold Beginnings Learning Community is a program designed to provide academic, social, and personal support to multicultural, first generation and economically disadvantaged students at UWEC. We will work with students throughout their undergraduate college experience.

BBLC Visiting Minority Scholar DinnerStudents form relationships with other UWEC students, faculty, and professional staff by their involvement in academic, social, and cultural events, which promote positive college life experiences within their academic community.

Who does the Learning Community serve?

Students who have a strong desire to be successful and attend UWEC! We support all of our participants using a holistic approach and embracing individual goals established within our Learning Community.

Learning Community members receive support and encouragement every step of the way through the following opportunities:

  • A weeklong summer jump-start orientation camp
  • Enrollment in linked common courses, First semester: GEN 100 (Introduction to the University Curriculum) and PHIL 120 (Moral Problems) Second Semester: GEN 100 (Academic & Career Exploration)
  • Meetings with a university faculty or staff member who serves as your “college coach” throughout the first year
  • Campus events such as Artists and Forum series, films, socials, and sporting activities
  • Biweekly meetings with a returning Learning Community student who serves as your peer mentor
  • Completion of a service-learning project
  • Six hours of paid employment per week

BBLC students canoingLearning Objectives:

  1. Students will set goals for academic and personal success and monitor their progress toward achieving those goals.
  2. Students will effectively learn, select, and apply various college learning strategies for academic success.
  3. Students will develop and apply efficient time-management and organizational skills.
  4. Students will connect with the broader campus community by exploring student organizations and attending cultural enrichment events.
  5. Students will become familiar with and use available campus resources to assist in their retention and success (e.g., the offices of Advising, Career Services, Counseling Services, Financial Aid, etc.).
  6. Students will develop the ability to make informed decisions about college majors and career paths through assessment, exploration, research, guidance, advising, and mentoring.
  7. Students will explore their learning processes through Let Me Learn®, a learning tool that helps increase student achievement and retention.
  8. Students will gain an understanding of the importance and value of diversity to their daily lives, in the educational setting and in the future workplace.
  9. Students will establish a social cohort through organized activities in this and other courses of the Blugold Beginnings Learning Community.

What do participants have to say about their experience in the Blugold Beginnings Learning Community?

On having a college coach:
“The help, understanding and advice that I have received from my college coach and everyone on the Blugold Beginnings Learning Community team have been of incomparable value. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be in college today if it weren’t for all of the opportunities this program has given me, especially the close interaction between my college coach and myself.” — Etzel Lopez-Ortega

On transition:
“The BBLC has been an amazing experience! I am so glad I joined this group because even though I am a very outgoing person, I was very nervous coming to college thinking it would be hard to make friends and be involved. But through the BBLC, I made so many friendships that I know will last for years.” — Lizzy Harris

On support:
“I have everything I want in college: friends, opportunities, fun and, most importantly, support. Blugold Beginnings has given me all of these, and I want to thank every personBBLC at Action City in the program for giving me a chance at a life I’ve never experienced before.” — Txuci Xiong

On making connections:
“Meeting new people was just the beginning, but becoming a family was the true meaning of the Blugold Beginnings Learning Community.” — Giney Rojas

On employment:
“Being able to start college with a job mentoring other students made my transition to college so much easier!” — Kalia Yang

On being a college coach:
“Being a college coach for the Blugold Beginnings Learning Community has been one of the highlights of my year! Getting to know my mentee has been such a joy, and helping her to be successful in her first year has been truly rewarding.” — Jodi Thesing-Ritter 

For more information regarding the Blugold Beginnings Learning Community contact:

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Attn: Blugold Beginnings
105 Garfield Avenue
Eau Claire, WI 54702

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