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Blugold Beginnings employs over 50 mentors, site coordinators, office workers, and interns during both the fall and spring semesters.  Work study positions are available. Service Learning hours can be earned in all positions. Freshmen through graduate students are welcome to apply. Training is provided and required. See below for more information about the benefits of working for Blugold Beginnings!

Make a Difference

There are many reasons why you should be a mentor. When a university student spends quality time with an elementary, middle or high school student they send the message that education is important and a post secondary education is possible, because there are people who will support them on their journey toward success.

Community Connection

Perhaps you had a mentor when you were growing up, a neighbor, friend or relative who influenced your life and impacted who you are today. Being a positive role model for a student in your community can make a world of difference in that student's life. You can impact their hopes, dreams and future plans for themselves. Take action through our program by becoming a mentor and positively influence a young person's life.

Service Learning

Another benefit to being a mentor through our program is completing your university service learning requirement. The Office of Service Learning has already approved this project and fully supports the program. This is a great way to fill that requirement while doing something fun and making a difference in your community. To complete the necessary forms online, please visit the Center for Service Learning.

The reflection piece for the Service Learning project can be completed as a two page paper submitted to the Blugold Beginnings office.


The Blugold Beginnings Program depends on volunteer mentors at the 5th grade level. The relationships, fun times, experiences, lessons learned, and completion of the Service Learning requirement are all rewards mentors take away from their time with students.

Mentors who work at the middle and high school level are paid for their time. Mentors volunteer their time to mentor at the elementary level. Site coordinators are also paid positions. Apply Now