TIES Vietnam - Course Descriptions

TIES: Vietnam
Preliminary Course Proposals


Human-Environment Relationships of Vietnam

Joseph P. Hupy

Department of Geography

[GEOG390 (3 credits) - transfers as GEII]

Studies the history of the Vietnam War and post-war landscape development processes through a military geographic lens. History of the war will be taught with field excursions to several well noted battlefields, particularly in the Central Highlands. Emphasis will be placed not only on how physical factors influenced the outcome of the conflict, but also how the conflict exerted an impact on the environment.  Strong focus will be placed on the Khe Sanh battlefield, along with components of the Ho Chi Minh Trail network. Students will use several survey methods via fieldwork to examine post-conflict battlefield recovery and development patterns.


Field Ecology and Conservation

Deborah Freund

Department of Biology

[BIOL390 (4 credits) - transfers as GEII lab science]

This field course will educate students in the theory, principle and application of conservation and ecology within the context of conserving Vietnamese species and ecosystems. The study of regional natural history, evaluation of threats to conservation and methods of ecosystem protection will also be explored. Learning will be accomplished through field study and research, lectures and discussion of primary literature, and group projects and presentations.

Economics of Vietnam and Pacific Asia

Maria N. DaCosta

Department of Economics

[ECON 353– 3 credits - transfers as GEIIIB]

An economic analysis of the policies, issues, and challenges facing today's Vietnam and its integration into the regional and global economies.  Topics include: an overview of Vietnam's economic history, Vietnam's economic reform and its growing ties to the United States, the impact of globalization on Vietnam's economy, and Vietnam's increasing economic integration through its participation in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Vietnam: Struggles for Independence

Leonard Gambrell

Political Science, Emeritus

[POLSCI390 (2 credits) - transfers as GEIV]

This interdisciplinary course will examine the historical, political and social aspects of the Wars of Independence, from the initial French colonization to the aftermath of the Vietnam War.  Learning will be accomplished through lectures, discussion, and group presentations on/of political and historical essays, literature, and the visual arts. 

History and Culture of Indigenous Peoples of Northern Vietnam

Local Vietnam faculty

[HIST390 (2 credits) - transfers as GEIV]

An introduction to the history and culture of indigenous cultures of northern Vietnam.  The course will examine the development of centuries-old social, political and religious linkages that define the unique culture of the indigenous peoples of the region.  Cultural knowledge will be obtained through lectures, field trips, intercultural experiences and group discussions.

Vietnam: Expressions on Culture, Nature and People

TIES Faculty

Biology/Geography/Economics/Political Science

[IDIS355 (2 credits) - transfers as GEV]

Interdisciplinary linkage course designed to explore connections between and among the focus region (north and central Vietnam) and participating academic disciplines, including Biology, Geography, History, Economics and Political Science.  Course format involves guided reflection activities (journals, blogs, group discussions) to provide an integrated, holistic overview of the TIES Vietnam experience