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TIES Vietnam is the second offering in the three year TIES pilot program.  Vietnam is a fascinating country with a rich and varied history.  The country is a mosaic of old and new, with ancient palaces and pagodas reflecting centuries of a dynamic culture intermingled with a modern society that is rapidly becoming the economic engine of Southeast Asia.  The countryside is a spectacular combination of jagged emerald green mountains, a rugged coastline with countless coves and beaches and broad expanses of fertile deltas dotted with seemingly endless rice paddies.  The country has had a tumultuous history that includes a thousand years of Chinese influence, myriad regional struggles, French colonialism and prolonged war for independence from the French and subsequent American involvement that extended from the 1940's until 1975.  This history has produced a proud and fiercely independent society that reflects a myriad of diverse cultural influences. 

TIES Vietnam will be a collaborative interdisciplinary effort by faculty in biology, economics, geography, and political science. The program will collaborate with faculty from the National University of Vietnam, and will include history and culture course taught by local experts.  The program will spend part of the semester in Hanoi, and part of the semester in Hue in central Vietnam.  Faculty and students will form a living-learning community, based out of hostels or guesthouses in both locations.  Students will be selected from across disciplines and across age groups, to provide an integrated cohort and a vibrant learning community.  Each faculty member will provide a 3.5 week concentrated block for project-based inquiry, with dedicated overlap between the blocks to provide interdisciplinary linkages. 

an image listing the departmental units involved in the Vietnam program