Blugold Commitment

Frequently asked questions

On Feb. 5, 2010, the UW System Board of Regents approved the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s proposal for the Blugold Commitment. The proposal calls for a $1,200 increase to differential tuition ($600 per semester), phased in over four years and beginning in fall 2010.

Q: I’m a current student at UW‐Eau Claire. What does this means for my tuition now?

Tuition for the current spring 2010 semester and for the summer session will not increase. The Blugold Commitment does not take effect until fall 2010, with a $300 increase ($150 per semester).

Q: What about the current $163 differential tuition we already pay? Will that continue to increase as well?

Differential tuition is a separate tuition, over and above the base tuition set annually by the Board of Regents. The current UW-Eau Claire differential tuition of $81.50 per semester will be frozen at the current rate. It will be merged with the Blugold Commitment, so that students will pay only one differential tuition.

For the 2010-11 academic year, the total differential tuition that all undergraduate students will pay will be $463 ($231.50 per semester).

Q: I expect to graduate in December 2010. Do I still need to pay the increase?

The Blugold Commitment will be implemented in fall 2010. You will need to pay the differential tuition only for the semesters you attend UW-Eau Claire.

Q: I am a part-time student. Will I have to pay the full increase?

No, as with the current differential tuition,your tuition will be prorated based on the
number of credits you take.

Q: I am a graduate student. Does the Blugold Commitment apply to my tuition?

A: No. The Blugold Commitment provides benefits for undergraduate students and is charged only to undergraduates.

Q: I pay non-resident tuition. Does the Blugold Commitment apply to my tuition?

Yes. All undergraduate students, resident and non-resident, will be charged the additional differential tuition.

Q: I understand that the Blugold Commitment includes financial assistance for students. How do I know if I qualify and how do I apply?

A: The Blugold Commitment provides financial assistance for students with need. To apply for assistance you need only to complete the FAFSA each year by April 15. The FAFSA will determine what your estimated family contribution (EFC) should be and this is what will be used to determine how much assistance you will receive.

Q: What kinds of financial assistance are available?

There are three levels of assistance available:

  1. All students eligible for Pell grants will receive a full grant for the tuition increase — $300 in 2010-11 and $1,200 by 2013-14 when the tuition is fully phased in.
  2. All students with an EFC of $6,000 or less will receive a 75% grant — $225 in 2010-11 and $900 by 2013-14.
  3. All students with an EFC of $7,000 or less will receive a 50% grant — $150 in 2010-11 and $600 by 2013-14.

No separate application is required. You need only file a FAFSA application by the April 15 deadline and have a complete file by June 1.

Q: What will the Blugold Commitment be used for?

A: The Blugold Commitment will be used to make sure that all UW-Eau Claire students can participate in what are called high-impact practices: collaborative research, global and multicultural immersion experiences, internships, capstones and first-year experiences. The successful programs currently funded by differential tuition will be continued and expanded. In addition, more faculty will be hired to reduce class sizes and free up faculty time for advising and mentoring.

Q: If faculty or staff members have ideas for using the Blugold Commitment, how do they apply for funding?

A: Proposals for differential tuition projects for fall 2010 have already been accepted, as part of our current DT process. Since there will be additional funding available with the Blugold Commitment there will be an opportunity to submit proposals this spring for projects that can be planned and implemented next year. Watch your e-mail for details on the proposal process, to be announced soon.

Q: I read that students will be involved in deciding where the Blugold Commitment tuition is invested. How can I participate?

A: Students will be involved in determining the priorities for the Blugold Commitment and in determining which proposals are funded. Committees of faculty, staff and students will review proposals for implementing the Blugold Commitment and recommend which should be funded to the provost and chancellor. The Student Senate will identify membership on the committees — they are still being determined. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Student Senate office.