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Transfer Student Orientation

Welcome to the Online Transfer Module for New Transfer Students at UW-Eau Claire!  The following information will help get you set-up for your advising meeting.  Please complete all of the steps below to ensure a successful orientation experience.

Step 1:  Watch Orientation Videos

Before You Begin:

  • Please have all of the materials your advisor e-mailed to you ready while watching the following videos. 
  • Your advisor will expect you to have watched the videos prior to your appointment time. 
  • These videos are designed to help you understand your degree requirements so you can be better prepared to ask questions during your advising appointment.
  • If you need accommodations to view the videos, please contact your advisor.

Welcome to UW-Eau Claire (45 sec):  A welcome from our Executive Director Billy Felz.

Understanding Your Unofficial Transcript (3 min):  This is a good chance to take a closer look at all of your courses that have transferred in to UW-Eau Claire.  If courses are missing, please let your advisor know as that may affect the courses your advisor suggests.

Transfer Issues Form (1 min, 30 sec):  You will only receive this form if you have placement exams to take or you have courses that are transferring to UW-Eau Claire as a "consult" or "defer".  If you do not have a Transfer Issues Form in your materials, you are not required to watch this video.

How to Understand Your Degree Audit (11 min):  Your degree audit is a complex document.  Have your degree audit in front of you as you watch this video so you can follow along with the video.  The degree audit contains the requirements for you to earn a UW-Eau Claire degree so it is important that you understand this document.  Your advisor will help you interpret the degree audit, but you are ultimately responsible for understanding and meeting the requirements.

Using Your Degree Planning Tool (1 min, 30 sec):  The Degree Planning Tool is designed to help summarize the degree audit.  As the name suggests, this document is designed as a tool and not as a replacement for the degree audit.

Using the Online Catalog (3 min):  The online catalog is useful for looking up course descriptions and pre-requisites for courses.  You can bring up the catalog by visiting

Important Academic Policies (3 min):  This video highlights some important academic policies to be aware of as you start your time at UW-Eau Claire.  This video has information about academic standing, adding/dropping/withdrawing from courses, and the excess credit policy.

Step 2:  Placement Exam Information

Determine if placement tests are needed and sign up
Placement tests are offered in the areas of English, Math and Foreign Language.   Tests will only be needed if you are not transferring the necessary college level courses in English, Math or Foreign Language.  Visit the Academic Testing webpage for additional information.   If you still have questions about testing, let us know how we can help. (

If you need to take any of the placement tests, you have two options to complete this testing. 
Option 1: Complete placement testing at UW-Eau Claire.  Contact the Academic Testing Office (715-836-5522) to arrange a time.
Option 2: Take placement tests at another UW System institution.  If testing at another location, scores may take up to 2 weeks to arrive at UW-Eau Claire.  Find information on other testing sites at

Note:  If you took UW-System placement tests at a previous school, we will access those and load them onto our database.  Placement tests from outside of Wisconsin do not transfer.

Delaying taking placement exams can limit course options so it is in your best interests to take any required placement exams as soon as possible.  However, you are not required to have your placement tests complete prior to your advising appointment.

Step 3:  Make An Appointment with Your Advisor

Follow the directions in your e-mail from your advisor to set-up an appointment.  Do not set-up an appointment until you have completed the steps above.

Appointment Tips

  • Please plan on 60 minutes for the appointment. 
  • If you are doing the appointment via phone or Skype, please be sure you have access to a quiet location. 
  • If you are doing a phone appointment, it would be helpful to have access to a computer with Internet access. 
  • UW-Eau Claire is located in the central time zone.

Step 4:  Watch Registration Videos

Before your advising appointment, please watch the following short registration videos so you can begin searching for potential courses to take and to resolve any holds you may have.  These videos will help you get used to using MyBlugold CampS which will help when registering for courses.

Payment Plan Agreement:  The Payment Plan Agreement (PPA) is completed each semester before you register for courses.  This video will show you how to complete the document online using MyBlugold CampS.

Personal Advising Code:  You will receive your PAC from your advisor during your advising appointment.  This video will show you how to enter the PAC on MyBlugold CampS.

Searching for LE Courses:  Learn how to search for courses based on their Liberal Education attributes or requirements that they are working towards fulfilling.

Schedule Builder:  Schedule Builder is great tool to use to help you put together a schedule that takes into consideration any athletic practice times, work schedules and other obligations you may have.

How to Access Your Unofficial Transcript:  This video will show you how to generate a new unofficial transcript.  This is useful if you have additional courses you are transferring in or AP/IB/CLEP tests where scores have been submitted.

Step 5:  Attend Your Advisor Appointment

Whether it's in person, via phone or Skype, be as prepared as possible for your advising meeting.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions about your credits and courses you should be taking!

Step 6:  Register for Classes

After your advising appointment and all of your holds have been resolved, you are ready to register for courses!  Welcome to UW-Eau Claire!

Video:  Registering for Classes

Step 7:  Transfer Student Checklist

  • Apply for on-campus housing
    If you plan to live on campus this spring, please start by submitting your housing application as soon as possible, found on the housing website.
  • Apply for financial aid
    If you plan to receive financial aid and have not completed your FAFSA, you will need to apply as soon as possible.  Please visit the Financial Aid website for additional information.
  • Submit your AP (Advanced Placement) score reports
    If you have received credit from an AP exam, this credit does not automatically transfer. You must have the score report sent to UW-Eau Claire (from ETS) or bring your copy of the official score report to the Academic Testing Office, Schofield 226A.  Since this will affect your registration appointment time, you should do this as soon as possible.
  • Explore catalog and course Information 
    The University Catalog can be accessed from the UW- Eau Claire home page.  Go to and at the bottom of the page select Course Catalog found under the heading “Learn”. Course information may be accessed through “CampS”, which is the link found on the top right side of the UW-Eau Claire webpage.